Chestnut Hills / Harrison Street Park (22207)

Monday April 18, 2011
Chesnut Hills Park

Chesnut Hills Park

aka the Harrison St. Park
2807 Harrison St. N.
Arlington, VA 22207
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Bottom Line:  This is a big, popular park in North Arlington. It's got lots to do for big and little kids and the little kid side is wonderfully shady. Big enough that it can be hard to keep up with multiple kids, but lots of a playground loving kid to enjoy. 4/5 stars.

NOTE:  The "Little Kids" Playground Area is under construction (as of Summer 2014).   It is fenced off and the rest of the playground remains open.

Worth Noting: There is a port-a-potty on the big kid side of the playground.   If you don't mind a schlep, you could walk down the backside of the playground to Greenbriar Park which has bathrooms in their football/track and field facility.

The park is fenced where it matters -- against busy  Harrison Street, but open towards Greenbriar Park.  It also has a steep hill with a paved path that little daredevils (mine included) are tempted to ride broken ride-on toys down.

The Review:

The first thing I should note is that this review is about 9 months overdue.  I took these photos back in September and forgot to blog about it.  But, just because the photos are dated doesn’t mean the information isn’t still good.

So, of all the parks I’ve blogged about, it’s surprising that Chesnut Hills didn’t get highlighted sooner.  It’s a wonderful park in North Arlington that is very popular with the 22207 and 22205 crowd.

Harrison Street can be busy, so it’s great that the park is fenced.  It has two main areas — the upper section (closer to Lee Hwy) is designed for younger children.  It’s surface is “dirty sand” and has good shade coverage from the surrounding trees.   Here’s some pics:

IMG_0809.JPG IMG_0811.JPGIMG_0812.JPG IMG_0815.JPG

It has both bucket swings and big kid swings, a small slide, a small play structure with a slide, a couple of “play houses” with chalkboard roofs, and lots of donated digging/sand toys.

The lower play area is geared for the 5-12 crowd.  It gets full sun and predominately features a giant play structure with two circular tube slides, 2 other slides as well as other fun features like a zip slide thingee.


The playground surface here is mulch, but it is surrounded by a paved path that is great for ride-on toys.   There are many donated ride on toys left at the park, in various levels of usability.  Additionally, this part of the park has two big kid swings and a bouncy thing my kids love.


We are big fans of this park.   The negatives, if any, are that it can be difficult to manage if you have more than one kid to keep track of.  When mine were younger and needed to be in sight at all times, I found this park very stressful.  Now that my older two are older, I don’t worry about them as much and just focus on the three year old.

Another thing to note is that this park abuts the Greenbriar Park, which is the track and football and baseball fields for Yorktown High School.  You gain access to those fields by one of two paved paths.   Both paths are somewhat steep and sometimes little daredevils like to ride the ride-on toys down this path.  Another challenge is that both paths use steps to access the lower Greenbriar park and are not stroller or handicap friendly.

Overall this is a great park and should not be missed if you are park-hopping through Arlington!

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2 Responses to Chestnut Hills / Harrison Street Park (22207)

  1. 1
    xfitdad says:

    For the dads in the know: Use your best Captain Hook voice, and put your kids on the bigger play structure, telling them it is your ship, they are prisoners, and to stay on your ship. They will howl with laughter finding the closest exit while you chase them to do it again.
    Then head toward the football field and find a great pull-up bar, or three, you can test your 1 rep max set of pull ups. While you’re gettin on your Jack-Diesel, the kids can do some climbing on the lower ones or “slide” down the decline sit-up bench.
    Show up at 9:30 on any Saturday and you’ll probably get pulled in to a short, but intense, body weight workout that will leave you wondering how you’ll walk back to your car.

  2. 2
    Kristen says:

    FYI the toddler/sand side is under construction until “fall of 2014.” 🙁

    We absolutely love this park for our 5, 3 and 19 month old! It is partially fenced in but I still feel fairly comfortable alone with all 3 running around.

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