Sweet Potato Fries in the Skillet

Thursday January 26, 2012


Mike loves sweet potatoes and eats them almost every day.  Me, I’m not as big a fan … unless they are sliced and served up as fries.   Then… HEAVEN!

Here’s how we do sweet potato fries in the skillet.

Sweet Potato Fries

Slice up however many fries you want from a couple of sweet potatoes.

I’m still experimenting to find the perfect size.   This batch I julienned with my mandolin slicer, then sliced again length-wise to get strips.   They came out a little too thin for my taste.   My next go round I cut them by hand and made them a little thicker — I thought they turned out better.  We’ve also looked into getting a fry-cutter, but none seems sturdy enough for sweet potatoes (any recommendations?).

In your skillet, add enough Paleo-friendly oil to cover the bottom of the pan and at least half of the fries — 1/4″ should be enough.   You could use EVOO, but we use beef tallow.   Mike bought 5 lbs of beef fat from the organic market and rendered it into tallow.  It is so good with the fries!

Add fries to hot oil and let cook for a few minutes.  When they start to get brown/crispy looking, turn them over.  Cooke for another 2ish minutes then transfer to a plate.  You can put a paper towel down to soak up some of the excess oil.

Sprinkle with sea salt and eat’m while they’re hot!


These almost never make it to the table because Mike & I gobble them up while we are still standing in the kitchen.


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