Spice It Salmon, Broccoli, and Sweet Potato Fries

Thursday January 5, 2012



I found the salmon recipe on Everyday Paleo and it was great!  I used fresh ginger instead of ground and attempted to blend the ingredients in my magic bullet.  Her recipe calls for it on the grill, but it was 20 degrees the night we cooked, so we opted for the broiler instead.   I set the broiler to low and cooked for about 12 minutes total (checked it a few times beforehand).

A note about her recipe — she mentions garlic in her instructions, but doesn’t list them in the ingredients — we used 3 cloves (I think).

Here’s how the salmon looked before cooking, you can see where my magic bullet failed to blend up my garlic the way I had hoped.


Here’s a shot of the sweet potato fries cooking.


Mike sliced them and cooked them.  He added enough tallow to the pan to cover half the fries and let it heat up to medium-high heat.  He cooked them for ~3 minutes before flipping and cooking another 2 minutes.   Actually, I think our times were longer than that, because as you see in the top photo, our fries look pretty dark — YMMV.


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