Queen Westher

Who is Queen Westher?

You may have heard of Queen Esther.  Her story comes from the Old Testament of the Bible and is about a woman who became queen and chose to risk her life to try and save the lives of her people.  If you’ve never read the story, you can read the biblical account online.

Wendy learned about the story of Esther by watching the Veggie Tales video “Esther:  The Girl Who Became Queen“.  Wendy loved the story so much, she wanted to be Queen Esther for Halloween.  She also wanted to have a “Queen Esther” birthday party.

Initially, I wasn’t sure what would be involved in throwing an “Esther” party, but we’ve cooked up some fun and are looking forward to celebrating with her friends soon (I’ll be sure to blog about it later).

So, in honor of Wendy and her love for Esther, we’ve given her the nickname “Queen Westher”.

** Update **

We had a great party!!  Pictures of the big event can be seen in our photo album:


Or by watching this slideshow:

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