Menu Plan Monday 6/15

Monday June 15, 2015

It’s our last week of school and the calendar is crazy.   We will be eating out a few nights due to various events, but here’s what’s cooking at home:

Sunday — grilled shrimp using the spice seasoning and cilantro sauce in this shrimp taco recipe
I actually ended up broiling these as an afternoon storm knocked out the grilling idea

Monday — hamburgers + grilled squash + campfire potatoes
This meal may happen at the pool…

Tuesday honey mustard jalapeno chicken thighs + roasted brussel sprouts
Thighs will either be grilled or baked in the oven, sprouts will either go in the oven or in the skillet depending on what happens with the meat.

Wednesday — eat out

Thursday — eat out

Friday — TBD — momma doesn’t cook on Fridays 🙂  Maybe steak and salad at the pool.

Note: all meals are generally paleo/primal, except as noted otherwise.

My favorite sources for menu planning/recipe inspiration: Org Junkie, Chowstalker, and Pinterest.



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