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Wednesday March 27, 2013

Yesterday, we went to Rebounderz as part of our Spring Break fun.  We hadn’t been since last year so I thought I’d do another post detailing some of the changes since our last visit.

Procedurally, they are handling crowds a bit different.  You are welcome to walk-in, but they also accept online reservations.    An online reservation requires payment upfront — which means you can’t take advantage of a social media deal (like Living Social) to reserve your time.  If you show up without a reservation, you may be told there is no space available until later in the day, which is a major bummer (this almost happened to us).

Another important note — the waiver is only good for one year.  I knew the drill (you need a waiver on file before you can check in) so I waited patiently in line, only to be told when I got the counter they couldn’t find mine in their system.  THEN I was told waivers have to be redone every year, which meant getting out of line, filling it out on their computers and then getting back in line.  I was not a happy camper (because this almost led to us being told they were now too full to accommodate us) so hopefully I can save someone else that aggravation.

The pre-jump process now includes watching a video where the rules are explained. Then the new jumpers are led to the tramp area where a referee re-iterates the rules.

Once we were turned loose in the tramp area, I realized the foam pit has been removed. I’m assuming this was for liability reasons — I heard someone got hurt on it sometime last year.

The area that used to have a pit at one end now has additional tramp pads and walls.  It does still have the two long rectangular tramp pads that kids had fun doing gymnastic tricks on.


While the foam pit has been subtracted, Rebounderz added a new area called Basketball Slam.


It features two basketball hoops with trampolines where kids can work on their slam dunk skills.  This area is monitored by an employee and the backboard can be raised or lowered to accommodate different heights.  My older kids had fun at this station and it provided a good option with the tramp areas got crowded.


My kids had a blast jumping, as always.

IMG_5742.JPGIMG_5748.JPG IMG_5747.JPG

For my  crew, the pattern seems to be jump for ~5 minutes, then take a break for 10.


I don’t let my kids play the arcade games until our jump time is up, then I let them go crazy.   They had fun earning tickets and then spent forever agonizing over what trinket or candy they would buy with their winnings.


Even though we went at a peak time, it was never overly crowded.  There were a few moments where it seemed like every jump pad was occupied, but it never seemed to last long.  I’m glad the reservation process limits the overall volume (I just wish you could use deals with it).

Overall, aside from our bumpy start checking in, we had a great time.

For a more information, checkout my Rebounderz play space review.

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2 Responses to Return to Rebounderz

  1. 1
    Amanda says:

    Thanks for your update. I’m surprised that you did not update the fact that no outside food is allowed. That was a big surprise the last time we went a couple of years ago, because we relied on what your blog said. They let us eat our food that time, but we had to talk to the manager and it was a big deal. I would check out their website or call them. They definitely do not allow outside food.

    • 1.1
      Kendra says:


      Thank you for sharing. I was not aware of the no outside food policy. In fact, we brought food again this time and ate it in plain view and no one said anything to us. I guess we got lucky, it’s a bummer to hear they no longer allow it.

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