Battle for the Capital – My 2nd Crossfit Competition

Thursday February 14, 2013

Last Friday, I participated in a one night team competition with my husband, Mike. It was the second annual “Battle for the Capital“, hosted by District Crossfit.  We didn’t attend this event last year so I wasn’t sure what to expect — but we were both looking for to a nice date night, Crossfit-style :).


When we arrived at District Crossfit SE (their new box is incredibly nice on the inside, if a little sketchy outside), we learned we were one of only 10 teams competing (yikes!) and our competition included some serious local talent (double yikes!).  Furthermore, even tho the WODs had been announced earlier, there were a few “twists” to keep things interesting.

Here’s how the night went down for us.

WOD #1 – Max Height Box Jump

We had 15 minutes to achieve our highest box jump height and the score would be our combined inches.   My previous best was only 29″ so I didn’t have high expectations but was hoping to PR.   I first jumped 24″, something easy to get on the board.  Then we turned the box on it’s side, up to 30″.   I was a little scared, so I tried to step up quickly before I psyched myself out.  I squared myself up, bent to squat and then swung my arms with all might to get myself up in the air.

Unfortunately, instead jumping like a ninja, I slammed my right hand into the box.   All I could think was, “OOOOOOWWWWWWW!” and “Well that’s not good.”  I stared at my hand as the knuckle on  my ring finger started to swell like a grape.  Then I pretty much ditched Mike in search of ice.  I didn’t jump again, but Mike hit a PR by clearing 49.5″.  I was super proud of him.


Meanwhile, fellow Rubicon athlete, BJ Peyton was wowing everyone with his box jump awesome-ness.   He (and his partner) won that even and he jumped an incredible 63″.  Check out this video!

Longer version here:

WOD #2 — “Jackie” and “Elizabeth”

The next event was tag team.   First the women had to complete “Jackie” — 1000m row, 50 thrusters (45#), and 30 pull-ups. Then they tagged their partner who performed “Elizabeth” 21-15-9 sets of power cleans (135#) and ring dips.  But those tricksters at DCF threw in a few twists.

For the women, the damper on the erg was set at 1 (meaning almost no resistance) and the front of the erg was placed on top of a 45# plate — meaning a slight incline as you rowed.  For the men, the rings were set-up at muscle-up height — so they had to perform a muscle-up to be do their ring dips.

We were seeded according to our finish in event one, and I was in the lower bracket. I had done Jackie once before, but not at the proscribed thruster weight.   Our heat started and I tried to row as efficiently and quickly as possible.  My strokes per min were high (33-36 SPM), but I felt ok and was definitely riding the competition vibe.  I was first off the erg and onto my thrusters.  Yippee!  The thrusters sucked (when don’t they?) and I definitely lost ground there.   Then came the pull-ups.  UGH.  Kill me now.   I totally ran out of gas.

The movement standard for the pull-ups was also tricky — your chin was required to come over the bar — meaning it must be visible from the front side, not merely as high as the bar.   This made it impossible to do butterfly pull-ups for those that have them (I don’t), but also was a more taxing movement for me.  I got no rep’d a ton and totally ran out of steam, having to try and get them one at a time after a while.

Sadly, Mike never got to prove his mettle on the muscle-ups as I stalled out on pull-ups and used up all our time — I had 2 remaining at the 20 min cut-off.

That was super discouraging, but Mike and everyone else was really supportive.   My hand was still hurting, but it wasn’t the reason I performed so poorly.  I need to work on getting my kip more efficient.

WOD #3 — Burpee / Wall Ball / Chipper

The last event was actually 3 wods rolled into one. In each case, while one partner did work, the “resting” partner was required to hold some form of weight.

Part A — 20 burpees, 6 rounds, partners alternate.


While one partner was doing burpees, the other was holding two kettlebells in a rack position.   Men had to hold two  1.5 Pood (53#) KBs and women had to hold two 1 pood (35#) KBs.  There was a 5 minute cap.

Holding the KBs was challenging, but we moved pretty quick on the burpees.  We were into round 5 when time expired.

Part B — 150 wallballs, non-working partner holds 2 plates (45#s for men, 25# for women).


Oh yay, it’s Karen (again)!  I wasn’t looking forward to these, but thought we did pretty well.  We broke them into sets of 15 and that seemed to work well.  At 50#, the plate hold wasn’t too taxing.  We got over 100 (maybe 108?) before time was called.

Part C — Chippedity Do Dah

The last part involved a bunch of movements: pull-ups, double unders, kettle bell swings (1.5/1 pood) and weighted box jumps (holding a 10# dumbbell).   One partner worked while the other one held a 65# barbell in a specific position — the Zercher for women (crook of arm), and Zotts for men (bottom of OHS).

Because the event was running long, the numbers were truncated.  Instead of sets of 100, we did 40 of each movement instead.  Hallelujah!  We divided our work as follows:

Mike did all the pull-ups (duh), and the double-unders (he rocked them).   Then we split the KB swings (I prolly should have done more) and then he went to work on the box jumps.   He got about 10 or so jumps in before we ran out of time.



I was so happy with our performance in the last WOD, I think we finished that event much closer to the middle of the pack and I felt I somewhat redeemed myself from my earlier performances.

Overall, we came in 9th place for the night.  I was convinced we were dead last, so second to last was a thrilling victory for me :).

Even tho we never had a shot at the podium, the whole experience was a blast.  It was great to meet and compete alongside other area athletes, and so cool to have our friends come out and cheer us on.


While it’s unlikely I’ll ever be a real competitor, I’m so glad we did it and it got me excited for the Crossfit Open (are you registered)!

Image Credit: special thanks to Antowne Walters for taking so many great pics!



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