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Saturday December 29, 2012

mbhill_121224-191145_0115-001.jpg I like to do a newsletter each year when I send out Christmas cards, but this year I didn’t get it done in time.  Instead, I’m offering this blog post as a web version.  So, in case you were wondering what we’ve been up to, here’s a year-in-review / family wrap-up for 2012.

mbhill_121224-191338_0128-001.jpgMike is still working hard at NFCU (8+ years and counting).   He helps keep their phone system up and running and enjoys the challenges that come with that responsibility. In addition to his “real job”, Mike continues to coach  three times a week at Crossfit Rubicon, as well as run a free workout Saturday mornings at the track near our house.

This fall he also added soccer coach to his resume — he did a great job leading Sam’s soccer team.   With his remaining free time, he keeps busy teaching Sunday school, tackling the home project/Honey Do list, and wrestling/snuggling/playing with the kids.

mbhill_121225-162134_0270-001.jpg Kendra — if you followed this blog at all, you’ve seen that 2012 has been a year of transformation for me.  After a year of doing Crossfit workouts and switching to a  “Paleo” style of eating, I have lost over 40 lbs and am looking and feeling the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life. This fall I ran my first 5K and on my 39th birthday, I participated in  my first Crossfit competition.

When I’m not working out, I’m usually busy cooking, maintaining this blog, teaching Sunday School, or doing “mom stuff” (schlepping kids, making them do homework, etc.)

mbhill_121224-171840_0075-001.jpgWendy” — our beautiful girl turned 9 this November and is halfway through third grade.  This school year has brought new academic challenges, such as learning cursive and getting real letter grades, but she continues to be a good student (if a reluctant homework doer).   Art, PE and reading are her favorite activities.

In August, we celebrated a special milestone in Wendy’s life as she was baptized at our church.  We are so proud of her for taking this step in her faith.

Extra curriculars keep her extra busy.   After trying the dive team this summer, Wendy decided to continue the fun and joined the winter dive program.   She also started winter basketball this December and had her first real game before Christmas.  Wednesday night BLAST (a church program), homework, and daily piano practice leave little downtime.

mbhill_121224-170239_0065-001.jpgSam” — Sam turned 7 this summer and is in second grade.   Soccer is his sport of choice; he is in his third year and now in a single-sex division with refs and official score keeping.  He tried the dive team this summer with his sister, but decided it wasn’t his passion.

He continues to impress us with his intellect — he is enrolled in the GT Math program at school and does well in all his academic pursuits.  His strong will makes him challenging to parent at times but proves to be quite an asset in other respects.  When he focuses on a task – whether it is building a lego set, folding his clothes or mastering a piano piece, his determination helps him see it through.

Like his sister, Sam is involved in BLAST and continues with piano — he (and she) will grumble about practice but he has made quite a bit of progress and takes pride in mastering new pieces.

mbhill_121224-165859_0054-001.jpgAdam” is about to turn 5 in January.  He is in his last year of preschool and will join his siblings at the local elementary school next fall. He continues to be an easy-going kid who loves life and is a pleasure to be around.

He loves preschool and his friends — his favorite activities are playing on the playground (especially the swings) and riding his bike.   He also seems to have an aptitude for art — he enjoys coloring pictures and working on crafts.  He got his first taste of organized sports this fall with a soccer program.  Overall, Adam continues to be a delight.

IMG_3303.JPGLogan — our dear old dawg is 12 years old.  He’s got quite a bit of gray and has slowed down quite a bit, but still keeps us on our toes.  He seems to have some weakness in his back legs/hips, but in his spry-er moments has turned into quite the escape artist.

He has found some ways to sneak out of our backyard and for a while was disappearing on a regular basis. We think we’ve managed to seal up all his exits but still have no idea where he’d go on his solo walks.  Luckily he always returned home (or we found him in the neighborhood) and we are thankful to still have him with us.


So that’s our 2012 update.  We hope you had a wonderful Christmas, took time to celebrate the birth of our Savior, and we wish you blessings and joy in the new year!

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