My First Official 5K and My Country-Style 5K Playlist

Wednesday October 3, 2012

This past Saturday, I participated in the Wildcat 5K, in McLean, VA.

Although I have done some running as part of my Crossfit workouts, I’ve never considered myself a runner and never really enjoyed distance running (and yes I know a 5k isn’t a very long distance).

When I started doing Crossfit, I converted to a flat “mimimalist” style of shoe and learned to change my stride so that I no longer heel strike, but use a midfoot strike instead.   This, plus the occasional speed work we do at the box all helped prepare me for the race.

I did not do any specific run training leading up to the race, just my usual Crossfit workouts.   The last time I ran a 5K was for a workout in August, but this was my first official race.

My goal for the race was to come in at 27 minutes or better — my previous best on a 5k was 28 minutes.

So how did I do?

Photo courtesy of race organizers

With help from fellow Crossfit athlete/friend Mackenzie, who sprinted it out with me at the end, I’m pleased to say I finished the course with a time of 24:55 — a personal record by more than 3 minutes!

I ran this race with a bunch of friends from my Crossfit box.


It was so fun to run the race with these folks and cheer each other on at the finish.   I love my box — it’s a great community of people of all different backgrounds and athletic abilities.

Post race, we celebrated with an unofficial Crossfit tradition — the handstand photo.   Why do Crossfitters insist on documenting themselves upside down?  I dunno, but it’s fun.


My kids participated in the fun run and were very excited to receive their medals.


This race was a really fun course — it had some rolling hills, but nothing too long or high.   It was a beautiful fall morning and a great race experience.

The post race party was also a blast — especially for the kids. They was a ton of free food and coffee, a DJ spinning kid-friendly tunes, and lots of amusements — inflatable obstacles course, moonbounced, carnival style scrambler ride and more. The kids loved it and so did I.

My 5K Playlist

I don’t usually run with music when I’m on the streets, but I decided for the race I wanted to listen to some tunes to keep me moving.  After soliciting suggestions from friends, I ended up putting together a country playlist that was perfect for me.  It is definitely more desirable to listen to some pumping music instead of listening to my own ragged breathing.

Here’s my country music running mix:

So there you have it.  While I’m not a runner, per se, I had a great time running this race and look forward to competing in another one down the road.

I love how Crossfit has equipped me to be better at so many facets of life, even if they are not a primary pursuit.


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