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Tuesday June 5, 2012

I began Crossfitting about seven months ago.   I was hooked after my first workout (aka “WOD”), and have never looked back, consistently working out 4-5xs a week ever since.   I attribute the main reason I fell so hard for Crossfit to the box I joined (“Box” is Crossfit lingo for gym).

I think the folks at Crossfit Rubicon are the greatest thing since sliced bread and I am constantly talking them up and inviting others to check them out.  But, since I had never worked out anywhere else, I realized my raving endorsement might not carry much weight.

So… last week, I took some time off from my home box and decided to visit some of the other nearby Crossfit gyms.   I visited four different Crossfit affiliates in Arlington County.

How did they stack up to my beloved home box?  If you’re curious, read this series to find out!

About this series:  It’s important to note that my review of Rubicon is based on seven months of exposure, but the reviews of the other boxes were written after only dropping in once.  One WOD, at one time of day with one set of coaches doesn’t make for a complete picture — I encourage anyone interested to check out each box for themselves.

Also it should be noted that I’m a relative newcomer to “sport of fitness” so please rate my opinion accordingly.  I hold NO Crossfit certifications and the assessment of coaching skills I offer comes from someone who had a very different definition for words like “clean”, “jerk”, and “snatch” seven months ago ;).

That said, I do hope my reviews prove helpful to others looking into Crossfit.   It has been transformative in my life and I think it’s wonderful there are so many places to experience Crossfit in the Arlington/Metro DC area!

If you are looking for a Crossfit affiliate close to you, check out the handy Affiliate Locator Map:

Disclosure Statement:  I was not compensated for any of these reviews and the opinions expressed are wholly my own.  None of the boxes knew I was going to be writing about them, including my home box.

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    K says:

    These reviews are awesome 🙂 I just started posting box drop in reviews to my blog – yours are definitely more thorough! I look forward to following your blog!

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