Monday March 19, 2012

So, as I’ve mentioned quite a few times here on the blog, I participated in a “Performance Nutrition Challenge” at our Crossfit gym box.   Back in January, I and others, paid $60 to participate, and then spent two months training hard and eating clean.

“Paleo” or a “caveman diet” is the most common description of how we ate — the basic rules we followed were:  no grains, no legumes, no dairy (unless from a grass-fed cow), and no sugar.

When my hubby, Mike, did this same challenge in the fall, I scoffed at him and basically said, “Good for you, but I will NEVER give up my bread, chocolate, and ice cream!”   Ha.. Famous last words.  I still love those foods and giving them up was hard, but knowing it was only for a period of time made it easier.

So here were are, at the end of the challenge.   I’ve already shared my personal results (including before & after pics), which were thrilling to me, but I was curious to find out how I measured up against the competition.  Guess what?


I was one of three winners!

Winners were determined by three metrics.  The first  was for overall points — we used a point system to track whether we ate clean, worked out, shared knowledge (i.e. recipes), etc.   Ryan won that category handily.

Image courtesy of Crossfit Rubicon

The other two categories were body transformation and improved performance.

Body Transformation refers to how much your body changed — we weighed ourselves and took body measurements at the beginning and end.   I lost 2.5″ on my waist, 1.5″ from my hips and 14″ over all the measurements we took.

Performance Improvement refers to how much stronger, faster, better you got at the workouts.  We did specific benchmark workouts at the beginning and end and compared to see how we improved.

It was really cool at the end of the challenge to see just about everyone hitting new “PRs” (personal records) in almost every workout.

When Chef (our coach) announced the next winners,  he basically said that Nate & I tied in both categories.


I worked really hard in the challenge and am thrilled that it paid off.  I had no idea the check would be so big, but going through the experience was its own reward — not that I won’t take the money!

Now that I am no longer participating in the challenge, I am trying to find the right level of balance in my eating.  I still believe in eating clean, but am striving to operate on an 80/20 lifestyle.   Giving myself permission to indulge in the occasional cheat day, makes life easier and more pleasant.   I just have to make sure that cheat days don’t turn into cheat weekends and rob me of my self-control!

Challenge photos courtesy of Crossfit Rubicon / David “Chef” Wallach.

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    Patricia says:

    Kendra, what a reward for all your hard work. Way to go and since you are feeling so good, healthy, energized and have found so many good foods using the Paleo recipes I hope it will be easy to stick to the system. Having an encouraging spouse helps too! You are looking great! Pat

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