Fruit Salad

Monday December 26, 2011

One of our traditions is to have fruit salad Christmas morning.   Although fresh fruit is more expensive (and out of season), it’s a healthy splurge I don’t mind making —  I feel like we take in so many sugary sweets around the holidays, it’s refreshing to have something healthy and delicious to munch on.


Obviously fruit salad is nothing fancy, and hardly “recipe worthy”, but it’s a favorite and I wanted to have it on my blog/in my repository, so I’m posting it anyway :).

I make my salad with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and grapes.  Blackberries are great too, but unfortunately, my kiddos won’t eat them.

I find Wegmans and Costco are the best places to get good fruit in the winter — here’s what I paid for this year’s fruit:

  • Strawberries – $5.99 for 32 oz at Wegmans (~$3/lb)
  • Raspberries — $4.99 for 12oz at Wegmans (~$2.50/6oz)
  • Blueberries — $6.99 for 24 oz at Costco (~$1.75/6oz)
  • Grapes — $11.89 for 4lbs (I think) at Costco (~$3/lb)

Obviously, this amount of fruit makes a lot — some of the strawberries went into strawberry salad, and we are still enjoying the grapes and blueberries.  You can also stretch this salad by adding bananas, but they go brown faster so they won’t look very appetizing after a day.

Fruit salad is best made the morning you want to serve it.  I carefully wash everything before slicing and combining.  In the past, I’ve added a touch of honey to keep it sweet but don’t do that anymore.  There’s enough sugar in the fruit to stand on it’s own.

What healthy foods do you put on your table amid during the holiday feasts?


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    JennV says:

    Beautiful salad. We made your overnight coffee cake for Christmas morning and it was a huge hit!! Thanks!!

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