Gift Idea: Milk Frother

Tuesday November 15, 2011

As the holidays approach, I’m sharing a few gift ideas. These are either products we own and love, or products we would love to acquire 🙂

Aerolatte Milk Frother

A Great Gift For:  Coffee Drinkers, Latte Lovers, and anyone who doesn’t want to spend their paycheck at St@rbuck$

Price: ~$20 at Amazon

I love a good mocha or latte, but I don’t love how much those drinks cost at the coffee shops.  I knew it was cheaper to make and drink coffee at home but plain drip coffee is boring.  So I requested and received an Aerolatte milk frother to give my home brew a little pick-me-up.

It makes a huge difference and now I love my coffee at home.  I start by adding milk to my mug and then nuking it for 30 seconds.  Then I use the frother to whip my millk, then add my coffee and flavored syrup to finish it off.  My coffee tastes soo good and it also prevents me from buying those yummy non-dairy creamers that are full of icky ingredients.  I’ve had my aerolatte frother for over a year and it is still going strong (though it has gone through a few battery changes– I recommend rechargeables).

You can find these milk frothers in a variety of home good stores, and IKEA sells their own brand frother for a mere $1.99 in their stores.

What kitchen gadgets would you like to see under the tree?

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