Look Ma, No Training Wheels!

Saturday October 1, 2011

We love gliders (aka run bikes aka balance bikes aka pedal-less bikes).   Our older two kids have learned to ride by first learning to glide.   Now that our three year old is a master glider, I’ve been itching to get him on a “big boy bike.”

Apparently, a downside of gliders is that once your child is proficient, he may not want to trade out the glider for the challenge of a bike with pedals.  I have encouraged, pleaded, and cajoled, to no avail. He has tried a few times, but quickly given up and gone back to the glider.

Finally, after I showed him video footage of Cousin Owen riding his big boy bike AND promised a celebratory trip to the ice cream store, he agreed to try again.

It took a little assistance on my part and he hasn’t quite mastered starting on his own just yet, but low and behold, we have a new bike rider in the family!


His excitement over his accomplishment was so cute — and I confess my heart was bursting with pride for him.

Here’s a few video clips of our half pint biker boy — please ignore my obnoxious momversation in the video (does everyone hate their voice on video as much as I do?).

True to my word, we celebrated with a trip to the “ice cream store.”  Despite the 31derful options, he stuck with chocolate, and it stuck with him.


WTG Adam!  I look forward to doing some family bike rides in the spring!


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One Response to Look Ma, No Training Wheels!

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    Grandma says:

    Way to go, Adam! That’s definitely a 10 star! Can’t wait to see you roar down the drive here at Grandma and Grandpa’s.

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