Rainy Day Fun: Target Practice

Wednesday September 28, 2011

If you are a peace-loving household that forbids children to play with guns, you will want to stop reading now.

However, if you are not anti-gun, and have some stir crazy kids, I propose the following rainy day activity:

Target Practice


Go to http://www.mytargets.com, to find a variety of printable targets.  Let the kids pick their favorites and then print and pin them up in a low-traffic corner of the house with no breakables nearby.

In our case, this was our front foyer, with our targets taped to the back of our front door.


The kids loved shooting the Burp Guns Grandma got them for Christmas.


If you don’t have a gun, perhaps you could teach the kids to make a rubber band gun (instructional video, or step-by-step tutorial).

Have fun and don’t shoot your eye out!

Note:  my 3 year old isn’t strong enough to shoot his gun, but he has fun trying.   This is an activity better suited to elementary-aged kids who respond to direction and understand the importance of following the rules.

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