Top Ten Tuesday: My Favorite Local Links

Tuesday September 27, 2011

I thought I would use Top Ten Tuesday to share some of my favorite local websites.   In no particular order, these are the blogs/websites I frequent the most:

1. ArlNow
There is no better local micro news site than this.  I often find out “breaking” news here.  The comments can be opinionated and occasionally unpleasant, but also enlightening.

2. Our Kids —
This is by far (in my opinion) the top resource for kid-related stuff to do in the Metro DC Area.  The website is a comprehensive catalog of places to go and things to do with kids.   Even better, you can subscribe (for a fee) to their weekly email newsletter which delivers to you in box a list of events going on that week that you might not otherwise know about.

3. Arlington Public Library
The APL blog is a wonderful resource for upcoming events in the community and library.  I find out about so many great events and activities at the library — everything from children’s reading programs to sustainable gardening.

4. Bad Mommy Moments
CK writes this wonderfully funny blog about parenting her two girls (preschool and elementary aged).   She’s not your typical “mommy blogger”; her witty and sarcastic tone has me chuckling at times; while her passionate and heartfelt love for her girls is equally moving.

5. Houseography
This Arlington mom created a blog to chronicle the process of building an addition on her home.   Now that the renovation is complete, she shares DIY and decor ideas and often hosts link-ups to room tours.   A great source for design/decor inspiration, especially for smaller Arlington homes.

6. Go Out and Play! —
This Arlington Mama posts a weekly round-up of upcoming fun activities in the area.

7. Arlington Kids
Another kid-focused blog that shares about activities geared for kids and their parents.  This one skews slightly older, I’d say preschool and up.

8. Moneywise Moms  —
MWM is my favorite frugal blogger.  Based in Northern VA, Gina shares her tips for living frugally and living well in this high cost of living area.

9. A Parent In Silver Spring
Despite the Maryland name, Jessica maintains an active blog full of local activities and frequent giveaways as well.

10. No Monsters in my Bed —
This local mom chronicles the fun she has with her three kids, breaking them in to categories such as “Things to Do”, “Things to Make”, “Places to Go” and more.   I enjoy her beautiful pictures and get inspiration from her crafts and activities.

Bonus Pick(s):

These two sites are a little different than the rest.  MONA is a subscription site for Moms of North Arlington.   With that subscription comes an active list serve that I find invaluable for local information.   DC Urban Moms (& Dads) is a free listserv that reaches the entire Metro region.   The website also has an active forum that many people frequent (I mainly use the email distro).   I enjoy learning from others, rolling my eyes at the occasional post, and offering my own .02 occassionally.

What are your favorite local links?

You find more Top Ten Tuesdays at Oh Amanda.


4 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: My Favorite Local Links

  1. 1
    Darcy says:

    Thank you so much for including me on this list! You made my day!

  2. 2
    Amy says:

    Thank you Kendra for including Our Kids on your list. I really appreciate your kind words about the site.

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    Lavonne says:

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