Menu Plan Monday 9/12

Monday September 12, 2011

Here’s this week’s plan (keep in mind that at least one of these meals gets scrapped for various reasons during the week…):

(Sunday — grilled steak and roasted asparagus)

Monday Tutti Fruity Chicken Kabobs

Tuesday — RR Sloppy Joes + grilled zucchini

WednesdayPecan Crusted Tilapia with Honey Glaze

Thursday — Back of the box Lasagna with Italian sausage

Friday —  Slow Cooker Pulled Pork BBQ


I am very blessed in that my hubby packs the big kid lunches most days.  We also let them buy one day a week.  In an effort to be more organized and hopefully get them to eat more of what’s packed, we are going to try and menu plan their lunches and let have input on what to eat.   Here’s the loose schedule:

Monday:  both buy (Mac & Cheese)

W – Pasta & Cheese (thermos), fruit (pineapple)
S – Tuna, Crackers, fruit (pineapple

W – Hard boiled egg, red peppers w/ranch, Laughing Cow creamy Swiss wedge w/crackers
S –  Hard boiled egg, red peppers w/ranch, goldfish

W – Turkey Roll, Swiss Roll, fruit cup
S – Turkey Roll, celery + carrots, fruit cup

W – PB & J, edamame, grapes
S – PB & J, edamame, grapes

Visit for more menu planing inspiration.


3 Responses to Menu Plan Monday 9/12

  1. 1

    Smart idea to plan lunches too!

  2. 2

    Your menu looks good. I made your tutti fruity chicken kabobs a few months ago and they were so good!

  3. 3

    what a fun variety of lunches. going to check out the kabobs
    Here is a link to my Birthday Week Menu Plan
    Please stop by and check it out and read about my $20 gift card to a restaurant giveaway!
    Have a great week:)

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