Garden Update 7/6

Wednesday July 6, 2011

I have never considered myself to have a green thumb, so the fact that things are growing that I planted is beyond exciting to me.   I updated only a week ago, but in that short time, I’ve seen a lot of growth!

Here’s how the garden looks today …

I love checking out the tomatoes just off our back porch.  The kids have gotten excited about them too.   These little suckers are getting plucked tonight!


These are my Super Sweet 100s, They are not quite full size, they should be one inch and are closer to .75 of an inch.

My Patio Tomatoes, which were the first to come on and are full size at 2+” are just beginning to lose their green.


I think my jalapeno plants might be my best producing crop.   I’ve got a ton of peppers on them, though most are still pretty small.


This is my one jalapeno that’s big enough to pick, ~3″, I’d guess.  And yes, I am using croquet wickets as garden stakes.


This overgrown forest is my cucumber / squash garden.   I didn’t think the zukes had taken because I didn’t see any growing, but my more knowledgeable hubs advised me otherwise.   Apparently, my zucchini plants are the ones with the giant leaves and they tend to have thicker stalks underneath that don’t spread the way the cucumber plant does


When I dug around under there, I did find evidence of one zucchini beginning to grow.


It’s easy to tell the cucumbers are growing — I counted at least 5 on the trellis alone, a few more in the undergrowth below.


I don’t know if their long and scrawny shape is a function of not enough sun, or if they will get fatter, or what I’m doing.   Remember, these are the plants I just stuck in the non-cultivated ground and hoped for the best.

Lastly, my pepper plants have lots of foliage, but not much in the way of peppers yet.  I’m starting to see lots of these tiny little buds, which are the beginnings of the pepper.   Maybe by August I’ll have enough for stir fry!


All in all, I’m really excited to see how things are growing.  Maybe next year I’ll start earlier and be able to eat more sooner.

How does your garden grow?

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3 Responses to Garden Update 7/6

  1. 1
    XfitDad says:

    Nice work, dear! This year a garden, next year a CFA….now if we could just hunt down something and kill it for dinner, we’d be eating off the land.

  2. 2
    Mel says:

    I’m very impressed, for a city girl! 🙂 yum!

  3. 3
    Lynn says:

    Your garden is looking great! I am still learning about gardening. It’s my first year. I had to laugh about you’re not sure if it was the zucchini or cucumbers growing, because that is how I am right now. lol!!! I’ve got this tangled mess, that I think is pumpkins and squash, but I’m not sure. 🙂

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