Happy 4th of July!

Tuesday July 5, 2011

We had so much fun this weekend, we could hardly stand it.   We spent about 100 hours at the pool it seemed, especially enjoying the 4th of July festivities there.

Mike had a great time playing in their volleyball tourney, losing only in the finals.    The kids had a blast participating in the bike parade, diving for pennies, being part of a “whirlpool” and much more.   We were glad to have Grandad join us for the fun.

After a fun day at the pool, we regrouped at home for a bit before heading out to a friend’s house for dinner and fireworks fun.  I completely dropped the ball and forgot my camera.   We had another great time, amazingly even stayed awake for the fireworks — which were still too loud and scary for Adam.

By the time we got home Monday night, we were beat!   Hope you had a wonderful celebration — here’s the pictures from our busy weekend.


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    Mel says:

    looks soooo fun! I can’t complain though, 4th in Waikiki was pretty fun too! 🙂

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