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Tuesday June 28, 2011

It was late May when I first planted my vegetable garden.   It’s about a month later, so it’s time to check in and see how things are growing.

Let’s start with the Redneck Wheelbarrow Bed.

It started out looking like this:


I planted 3 varieties of small tomatoes.  From left to middle to back right:

  • Patio Container — Container,  Determinate, size 2″, Days to Maturity (DTM): 70
  • Super Sweet 100 — Hybrid Cherry, Indeterminate, size 1″, DTM: 65
  • Bonnie Grape — Hybrid, Indeterminate, size 1″, DTM: 62

You can see from the Days to Maturity number, none will be ready for at least another month.  Also, my bed does not get the required 6+ hours of sunlight.  Nonetheless, there is a lot of growth and tomatoes are coming on strong!

Here’s how the bed looks now:


The Patio vine have some nice fat tomatoes coming along, and the other ones are producing as well.



In the Side Yard Raised Bed — my original Square Foot Garden from last summer, it’s been an evolution.

The lettuce I planted never took hold — mostly, I think, because some mystery animal keeps disturbing the bed.   I’m guessing it’s squirrels but don’t know how to stop it (any one have a suggestion?).   So I gave up on the lettuce and planted a few herbs.


I have two varieties of parsley (flat leaf and curly), rosemary and oregano.  All seem to be doing fine.

The four jalapeno plants I put in are also doing great.  I think we’ll have plenty of peppers for salsa and guac this summer!


Then there’s my Cucumber – Squash Notta Bed.

I put these in the ground where grass wasn’t growing simply because I didn’t know what else to do with them.  They were supposed to go in hubby’s garden further in the backyard, but it never got tilled.   This is what it looked like when I planted them:


I didn’t follow any of the rules about how far to space them, creating raised beds or any of that.  I just threw them in the ground and hoped for the best.    This is what it looks like today:


It’s basically Cucumbers Gone Wild there — no sign of zucchini, but an explosion from the cucumber plant.   This is another area that does not get enough sunlight (nowhere in our yard truly does), so I was thrilled when, after poking around in the underbrush, I found this little guy!


He’s about 7″ long.   And just now, when I went out to snap an updated shot, I discovered another cuc hiding and decided he was ready for harvest!


This one is 11″ long and will be part of our dinner tonight!

Moving on to my most recent SFG — the Mudroom Entrance Raised Bed.

It started out pretty scrawny:


Behold how it has grown!


Starting on the left, I have no idea what went on with the lettuce.   I don’t know if the lettuce never took and these are weeds, or if I got some weird variety, but this is what is flourishing in this space:


I’m afraid to harvest it and I’m afraid to trash it… I need a gardening guru to tell me what I’ve got in there.

Next to the mystery plants are my bell pepper plants.


They are growing well, but I’ve got nary a pepper to show for them, at this point.

The dill plant my neighbor gave me is doing great — I hope to use some of it in the Tzatziki Sauce with our Souvlaki on Saturday (see the Menu Plan).


The cherry tomato plant (also given my neighbor) is also growing at a great rate.


Lots of little tomatoes to be seen, but still quite green.


Lastly, in this bed are my herbs.   The peppermint plant is thriving — so much that I keep hacking at it to keep it in check (people have warned me that this plant likes to take over).


My basil plant is getting tall, I think it’s fighting for sunlight.


And my cilantro plant — I’ve harvested what I could from it, but I don’t think I’m going to get much more from it.


So, for all my planting, pruning and watering, none of my plants (except for the cuc I picked today) are ready for harvest.   It’s ironic, then, that the prickly bush in the backyard that seems to be taking over our shed has provided the most bounty with no effort on our part.


It’s a raspberry bush and the pickings, while not prolific as the plant, have been quite sweet.


So, that’s how my garden does grow — how’s your summer garden going?


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    Jen B says:

    Don’t have a garden this year. However, if you need someone to watch how your garden grows while you are away let me know. I’ll make sure nothing goes to waste!

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