End of School Wrap-up

Saturday June 25, 2011

The kids are FINALLY done with school.  It’s taken forever and I’ve been overwhelmed with all the end of school parties and what not.   Here’s a photo wrap-up so I can officially document what went on.

End of Soccer


Kindergarten Picnic

The K picnic was an over-the-top celebration with pizza, way too many organized games and even make-your-own hot fudge sundaes.   I’m going to lobby hard for brown bags, free play and popsicles for my next kindergartener.



Sam was blessed with great teachers.  We loved Ms. B. and Ms. M!

1st Grade Water Party

The 1st grade water party was much more in line with my idea of a end-of-year celebration.  Two hours of free play with sprinklers, beach balls, and bubbles, with popsicles for treats, then lunch as normal in the cafeteria.


A sprinkler was hung from a tree to make a crazy shower.  I was surprised by how much fun Adam had with all the water spraying everywhere — a big change from our recent trip to the spray park.


The water balloons were a big hit (yuk yuk).   Wendy and her buddy Jacob had a blast tossing them back and forth.



I told Wendy to find friends she wanted to remember and I would take their picture together.   I was amused, but not surprised, to see who she picked.


Wendy loved having Ms. G for first grade and I have to agree, she is a wonderful teacher.


1st Grade Surprise Lunch and Award Ceremony

Ms. G. arranged a special surprise for the kids — the parents showed up bearing Happy Meals (I was not a big fan of this) and then we had an awards ceremony.  Ms. G. did a wonderful job recognizing everyone, they all got awards and pins for being members of the “Lovebug Service Club” and then each child received a special candy award.   Wendy received the “Crunch” award for being someone who can be relied on in a crunch.


Kindergarten Last Day

Parents were invited for a special slideshow and party celebrating the year.   The kids sang and performed “Chicken Soup with Rice”.


Pshew, all this celebrating has left me exhausted.  Now that summer is here, we will be logging lots of pool time and looking forward to activities like VBS, tennis camp and a trip to Montana!


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