Moms Gone Wild

Monday June 6, 2011


Don’t we look like some wild and crazy gals?

Actually, we’re not all moms, and we were anything but wild, but we just enjoyed a deliciously decadent kid-free, husband-free, dog-free, responsibility-free weekend away in Williamsburg, VA.   We had nice super affordable accommodations, thanks to a great Living Social deal.

On Friday, Michelle and I spent the day at Busch Gardens.  Do you know how fun amusement parks are?  You might think you know, but you gain a new appreciation when you get to enjoy the rides YOU want to watch with no kiddos to take care of.  We rode all the rides – TWICE!  I highly recommend the Griffon and Apollo’s Chariot.

When we weren’t going wild on the roller coasters, we were going wild at the outlets, at the movies, and at the pool.  We talked, we played games, we drank wine, and we ate (and ate).

It was a wonderful weekend where I didn’t pull out my camera once… until the very end when it occurred to me I better have at least ONE picture to memorialize the weekend.    A big thanks to the hubs for taking on the kids, and to the grands who hosted them while I got to play.

If you’re a mom, I highly recommend finding time for a kid-free getaway!

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2 Responses to Moms Gone Wild

  1. 1
    Katrina Brubaker says:

    That is wonderful!! Glad you took time to enjoy yourselves.

  2. 2
    Alina says:

    It’s great. One must take out time for her self too. Recently the responsibility we fall in our getting way too much, to manage time, kids, husband and then whole family. Then we have to look things outside home, inside home. I seriously want a day like you spent. But my husband works in a organization and i can’t leave the responsibility on him any day because that’s Sundas foundation Lahore. And it;s important for him to go daily in case or emergencies.

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