Wendy’s Surgery

Thursday May 12, 2011

I alluded to this in my menu plan, and people were asking, so I figured I’d better get a blog post up explaining what is up with Wendy.

She has had a hernia in her groin area for several years.   When we first noticed it, I was concerned, but it never bothered her and her pediatrician recommended following up with a surgeon but didn’t convey any urgency, so I just kept putting it off.

Finally, we went and got it checked out, and surprise surprise, the surgeon that we should cut :).  I say that a little bit tongue-in-cheek — I think the doctor was wonderful and I trust her assessment.   So, the surgery was scheduled for this past Monday.

Wendy was nervous, but her biggest concern was not being able to eat before her surgery.   Mike left the house early for his workout and work, but left a note to encourage her.   He told her that he was praying for her and he would not eat until she could.    I thought about what an amazing father he was as I munched on my bagel for breakfast.

Mike also decided he should be present, so he met up with us at the surgery suite.   The hernia repair is an outpatient procedure and was done in a surgery center adjacent to but not in Fair Oaks hospital.   Wendy received excellent care while we were there — from everyone from the admitting nurse to the recovery nurse — everyone was professional, kind and empathetic towards a little girl about to endure her first surgery (second, if you count my c-section).

Here she is in the pre-op room, getting her vitals.


And here she is, all decked out for the surgery!


She chose Daddy to go back with her into the OR while she received the laughing gas.


The procedure only lasted about 30-40 minutes and the doctor came out to tell us all went well.   When we went back to see her in the recovery area, she was not feeling so hot.   She was actually in a lot of pain and it was upsetting as a mom to not be able to fix it.  The nurse administered more pain meds, but it took a few minutes for them to kick in.   She was feeling pretty miserable, but improving little by little.   After a bit, she felt well enough to sit up and have a popsicle.


She was very tired and groggy when we left the surgery center, but she overheard Mike & I discussing lunch (he was going to pick-up from Baja Fresh) and chimed in that she wanted a bean and cheese burrito.

So, we came home and she laid on the couch watching her all-time favorite movie — Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi and eating her bean & cheese burrito.   By Monday evening, she seemed much better.  When she woke Tuesday morning, she was still feeling sore, so we took another day off.    The post-op instructions were to not bathe (she has dissolvable stitches) and beyond that, she could do whatever she felt comfortable doing.

On Tuesday, Adam was antsy to do something, so decided to explore a new park.  I cautioned Wendy that she needed to be low-key and not her usual monkey self.   She agreed to comply by just reading at the park.


She was back to school on Wednesday and although she is not 100%, she doing much better.

Thanks to all who prayed for her, especially her friend Lucas who prayed with his mom that “God would take the alien out of her belly.”   Praise the Lord he did!

2 Responses to Wendy’s Surgery

  1. 1
    cynthia p says:

    So glad she’s on the mend, sorry to hear she had to go through it. Love the picture of “compliance”.

  2. 2
    Grandma says:

    Hi Wendy,
    You were a very brave girl to have surgery and am happy that it is over for you. Jesus said “I will never leave you…” so we know He was right there with you all the time and He will continue to heal you. We are praying for you. Grandma and Grandpa

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