Mudders Day

Thursday May 12, 2011

I better get my Mother’s Day re-cap in before we hit Father’s Day.

I had a lovely Mother’s Day thanks to a wonderful hubby and mostly wonderful kids (the kids are wonderful, they just have more moments of un-wonderfulness than their dad).    I generally don’t expect a lot from Mother’s Day — a chance to eat out and free reign to tell the kids to behave is all I ask, but this year, the kids and the hubs went out of their way to make it a special day for me.

It started with breakfast in bed!


Mike made the always delicious Rainey’s French Toast Casserole, along with some cantaloupe and coffee.   Breakfast was delivered by this cheerful crew.


Daughter Wendy was still sporting the remains of the May Fest face painting she got, and only later grudgingly removed it as a favor to me for Mother’s Day.

After the delivery, they promptly disappeared to finish working on their Mother’s Day projects, leaving me to enjoy my breakfast in peace.   They soon returned with cards and gifts galore.  And even consented to a few pictures.


Some were more cooperative than others.   But behold, look at the treasures they brought!


Wendy made a cute ladybug bowl and the macaroni necklace.    The cards were the best.

From Wendy:


“Mommy, you cheer me up and make me feel speshl.  Yr the best mom evr.”

Aw… melt my heart!   There’s nothing better than your kids telling you how much they love.   Then there’s Sam’s card:


“I :heart: u Mom … but Dad’s eggs are good”.

Gee thanks, son 🙂  He went on to inform me that Dad makes the best eggs, but my mashed potatoes are really really good.  I was somewhat consoled.  The card he brought home from school was especially sweet:

Sam’s Mom according to Sam

Name: Kendra
Favorite color: pink
Favorite food:  I don’t quite know about that
Favorite TV show:  I don’t know about that either
Favorite vacation:  Going to Dutch Wonderland with us
What mom does all day:  She likes to read the Bible
What makes her smile  When I play with my brother
What mom likes to do with me:  Go to a water park
She is good at:  Playing games with me.
Her wish: For me and brother not to argue.

I loved that!  He’s pretty much nailed it.   And how nice that he thinks I read my Bible all day… if only that were true..

Adam came home with a nice little card from preschool, but I don’t think he quite gets Mother’s Day yet.

The hubs also came through with another one his creative ideas.   At Easter, he bought Fannie Mae chocolates for me and  I said, while I thought they were delicious, he didn’t need to spend so much on fancy chocolate when I’d be just as happy with a Twix.  He clearly listened because when I came downstairs to my laptop, I found this:


He put together a little scavenger hunt for drugstore candies with clues like “Are you safe yet?”  (Answer:  check the carseat sitting in the dining room).  It was a very sweet gesture, literally and figuratively.

After church, we headed out to Mike’s American Grill, looking forward to a fabulous Mother’s Day brunch.   Unfortunately, about 800 other people must have had the same idea, because it was a 2.5 hour wait when we got there at 11:15.  Doh!   We decided to head home for lunch and return for dinner.  But, before we left, we got a few nice photos with everyone still looking decent.



We bummed around the house for the afternoon and came back for a delicious dinner (this time, taking advantage of the call ahead system).

All in all, it was a lovely mother’s day.   It’s nice to have good days since mothering isn’t always easy or fun.   But I love being a mom and am grateful for the opportunity to be mom.

Since I love being a mom and loved my mother’s day, I am linking up to Things I Love Thursdays.

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2 Responses to Mudders Day

  1. 1
    Christie says:

    Love that you wore the macaroni necklace out! I had a teacher in high school who wore this paper tie made for him by his daughter the day after Father’s Day–he had to tape it to his shirt.
    Years later–his daughter is now one of my youth group kids! I mentioned it to her once, and she remembered it and how special it made her feel!

    (Here from TILT)

    • 1.1
      tracy p says:

      what a wonderful day you had! those cards are the best! and i just had to leave a comment that i’m a huge fan of Wendy’s panda nightgown. :0)

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