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Wednesday March 9, 2011

Parking on F St.

I’ve had a couple of occasions recently to need to park downtown in a big city. Yesterday I had to meet my daughter’s field trip in DC near the National Building Museum, and last week we drove up to Baltimore to check out the Aquarium.

I didn’t want to pay any more than I had to for parking, so I set out to located the cheapest option. It turns out, there is a website out there that will do exactly that.

It’s called Best Parking    You go to the site, then select your city or airport.   From there, you can either put in an address, search by neighborhood, or an attraction.

It will bring up a map showing you all the parking garages in that area.  If you put in the date and time you plan to park, it will even show you price for each garage.

Some rates say they are guaranteed, I guess they’ve worked out a partnership, others you have to hope are accurate.

When going to the National Building Museum, I was able to locate a garage a few blocks away that was advertised as a $6 flat rate.  When I got there, it turned out to be $7, but it was still way better than the other nearby garages that were commanding $15 – $22 a day.

It is only available in select cities, but if you are traveling to a major metropolitan city and looking for parking, you can’t beat it.  It also apparently has a mobile version for those of you with smart phones (mine is dumb).

Finding the best rates on parking works for me!  To find other great tips, check out Works For Me Wednesday at We Are That Family.

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    Going to that site! Parking in Boston is a MINT!

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