A return to the National Building Museum

Tuesday March 1, 2011

Mondays are usually a shopping day for me — the day Adam & I run around and hit all the grocery stores for the weekly menu.  However, for the month of February, I decided to shrink the grocery budget and actually work to stay within it.   I did pretty well, but it left me with no budget left on the last Monday of the month.  This was fine as we had food to eat until I decided to shop again in March but it left me without a planned activity for the day.   After ruminating for a while, I decided to take Adam to the National Building Museum in DC.


It has fabulous architecture and is a great indoor space.   We went last summer with Cousin Owen and had a great time.   The museum is also currently featuring a really cool LEGO exhibit right now, but we didn’t check it out (it costs additional $).  Our plan was to play in the playroom they have that is designed for kids ages 2-6.   Unfortunately we had to wait a few minutes before we could be let in.   We passed the time by running wild and getting the crazies out.


Once we got in, Adam had a great time.


After playing for a bit, we had lunch.   Adam surprised me with his memory.   He told me the last time we were went to the museum, there were birds who were funny.  He was exactly right!  The last time we ate lunch there, little birds had gotten into the museum and were trying to eat table scraps.    I couldn’t believe he remembered that detail from 9 months ago at age two and a half.

Other than the challenge of finding cheap parking (we got a metered spot, but the rate was crazy high), the National Building Museum is a wonderful place to visit.

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