Miserable He and Miserable Me

Sunday February 20, 2011


Adam and I have been sick for about three days now.   He has had a fever that he can’t seem to shake.  He wakes up with no temp and seems happy, but by mid-day and into the evening, his temp starts to rise and has been as high as 103.9 (underarm).  One dose of Motrin seems to bring it back under control, but as you can see from the above picture, he has not been his normal sunny self.

I don’t know if I got the flu, or just caught a bad cold, but I’ve been miserable since Thursday.  I think it might have been a “mini-flu”, as I was definitely running a temp on Thursday and feeling a chill.   Thursday is also the first day of the year that warmed up to near 70.  Everyone else was enjoying the gorgeous weather while Adam and I wrapped up together on the couch under my Snuggie.

I actually think the warm weather is a contributing factor to my sickness.  I’ve had a running nose and a horrible cough — which I think is likely from allergies.   Springtime usually means a running nose for me, so I have started up the allergy meds and I think they are helping.

Anywho, it’s Sunday morning and both Adam and I woke up feeling much better.   I still sound terrible, but when I woke up I had that “I feel better” feeling, so hopefully the sickies are winding down.   Since Adam was running a fever last night, he and I are home while the rest are at church.

Hopefully you are enjoying good health and nice weather.  What are your President’s Day Weekend plans?

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    Mel says:

    sorry you’ve both been sick, hope you’re both better soon!

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