Valentine’s Greetings from a Curmudgeonly Slacker

Monday February 14, 2011

Today is Valentine’s Day.  The big VD. (har har har).

In light of that, I should be sharing sweet sentimental tributes to my loved ones.  Or clever crafts or foods.  Or big plans to celebrate the big day. But … I’ve got to confess.  I got nothing.   Although I had plans to decorate and do fun crafts and make homemade Valentines … nothing got done.   For the kids, I got them store bought Star Wars cards, which they liked but it was really minimal effort.  After we finished, I realized I had the big kids covered but had done nothing for the 3 year old.  Poor little neglected third born.

We did have friends over for a Valentineish party Saturday night, but even that was a much lower key affair than the elegant dinner party I had in my mind.   Which is not to say that elegant is better — we had a great time eating Mexican and just hanging out.  I wish I had remembered to take more pictures, but this one conveys the party vibe pretty well:


Meanwhile, the hubs has always been better than me at sentimental gestures.  I came downstairs this morning to see this on my laptop.


A little fiddling with the pile of hearts and I came up with the following:


The first sentence is somewhat obscured to … ahem… keep this blog g-rated 🙂

Anywho… it was a lovely gesture that made the start to my day a little sweeter.

Thanks honey!

I love you and couldn’t imagine spending Valentine’s Day or any other day with anyone else.


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    That Valentine’s puzzle was enough to make me say AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

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