The perfect, snowed in activity

Thursday February 3, 2011

What do you do when you snowed in at home?   Start potty training!


I’ve been wanting to get Adam trained for a while now.  I knew he was close to ready — he was willing to sit and occassionally produce, but he seemed unwilling to take the leap.  I waited til he turned 3 (mid-January) and then started to get really antsy about getting the process complete.

When I helped with childcare last Tuesday in my Bible Study and when I realized he was the only little one in his class still in diapers, well, that sealed the deal for me.

That afternoon, post-nap, we took the leap and started wearing “big boy underwear”.

He was pretty excited about his big boy underwear and our first day afternoon went pretty well!  The next day was preschool (PDO program, not “real” preschool) and I sent him in underwear but brought clothes and a pull-up and told them to do whatever was easiest.  Of course they used the pull-up, so no real progress that day.

But then we had two days of snow (Thursday Friday) which meant 4 days at home (Thurs- Sun) so we got down to the serious business of potty training.

I set my alarm on my watch to go off every half hour, and employed a reward system involving chocolate chips, Skittles, and whatever other candy I could use to bribe reward him.   Then I decided a sticker chart would help, so I created one with Excel to recognize success for staying dry, and doing #1 and #2.


Overall, he’s doing great!  We have had a few accidents, of course, and I am still taking the lead in reminding him it’s time to “practice”, but he’s doing a great job.

He’s even started telling me he needs to, which is a huge leap forward.   Even better, he’s told me he’s needed to go and taken care of his #2 business.

I’m thrilled that we are moving out of diapers and that my baby is growing up in this particular stage of life.

He’s pretty proud too.



2 Responses to The perfect, snowed in activity

  1. 1
    adena says:

    Yay A! Good job!

  2. 2

    Hysterical. I am completely the opposite. I potty trained the first one in Hawaii when he could run around with minimal clothing. The second one I potty trained in San Diego in the summer. I have no idea what I will do if I have to potty train the third in the winter!

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