Yippee! Adam is Three!

Sunday January 23, 2011

Sorry internet — did you think I forgot about you?  Only slightly.  I had to deal with a crashed hard drive (blech!) and then an overwhelming desire to redo my office.  I spent the better part of last week shopping at IKEA, assembling furniture, and finding a place for everything and putting it in its place.  But that’s for another post.

This post is to say my baby is finally 3!

We love our little guy so much and as much as I love my “baby”, I’m excited that he is another year older.   He is getting bigger and more boy like (less babyish) every day.  If only we could get him out of diapers!

Some observations about Adam:

* He is my most self-reliant kid — always has been.

Probably because he receives the least amount of parental oversight relative to his age.   If he wants something (esp. food), he generally just figures out how to get it and goes for it.   A trait that be used for good and not so good..

* Still a thumb sucker and Lammie lover.

Neither of which bothers me at this point.  Check back in a year.

* Very Agile — advanced gross motor skills.

It must be something about being the third born. He jumps from the top of our landing (4 steps) and off other heights without batting an eye. He loves his glider bike and goes almost as fast as his big brother and sister. I guess he just sees what they do and it doesn’t occur to him that he can’t do it too.

* Less advanced on the verbal skills.  

Not to the point where I’m concerned, but definitely at the other end of the scale, especially compared to his siblings.  Because he is my baby, I’m kind of enjoying the toddler pronunciation of words like “banmana” (banana), “ficey” (spicey), and phrases like, “Wook at me, mommy!”

* Generally happy, on his terms.  

Rarely willing to smile for the camera, especially for group poses.   But when he wants to mug for the camera, watch him pour on the cute!  He is a funny guy with a great sense of humor.

I could go on and on but since this post is already a week overdue, I better wrap it up already.

Happy Birthday, little man. We pray that God blesses you (and us) with many manymore!


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    XfitDad says:

    That kid is too much! What a joy he is. Mad balance, and tough, too! Look out older brother who may pick on him, one day you’ll wish you treated him better.

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