Birthday Blessings

Friday December 3, 2010

Yesterday was my thirty-somethingth birthday.  If there was ever a question as to whether I have reached my mid-thirties, I’m clearly there now.

While in many ways, it was just a regular, schlep-the-kids-around kind of day, there were plenty of little touches to make the day special.

For starters, there were adorable cards from the kids.

I wasn’t feeling the love the night before my birthday when they were working on them in their room.


But they made my heart sing when they shared the fruit of their labor the following day.



Mom.  Happy Birthday.  Have a good birthday.  I will obey.


And then, there was this gem of a card from the hubs.


It reads:

This coupon entitles barer* 2 free hours of recipe organizing by nationally unknown sensation XfitDad.

Delightfully thoughtful, I fully plan on taking him up on this extraordinary offer.

The bulk of the day was much the same as usual, except for the many many salutations I received on Facebook.  I cannot believe how many people took time to drop a little note.  Such a small thing but totally made my day.  Thanks FB friends!

Around 4:30, things got busy in a good way.  Grandad came over to deliver his birthday greetings in person.  Then Aunt Melissa & Owen came over.  Mike had recruited Mel’s to watch the kids so he and I could grab dinner out.   Soon after, Mike walked in the door, and he wasn’t empty handed…


The cupcakes were made my an associate of his co-worker — they were delish!

I got my birthday song, candles, and  a small dose of chaos before we headed out for an early dinner.



We went to Ray’s Hellburger (Too) —  an upscale burger joint, perhaps best known for it’s presidential patron.  It was good, but the real treat was being met by friends Maggie & James who took time out their busy lives to join us for dinner.

We wrapped up early so that I could get to church to help set-up for a Friday morning Christmas brunch for the moms group I am involved in.   Mike was great, he came along for the ride and lent his assistance.  It was a nice time of fellowship with sweet ladies and my man.

All in all a great night.   Far better, I think, than what Mel enjoyed.   We came home and learned she had endured:

  • four wild and crazy kids running laps around the house,
  • a 20 minute search and rescue mission for a lost Lammie,
  • a blowout poopie diaper that required a bath,
  • and a goose egg of a knot on her own child after a tumble down the stairs.

And in addition to all that, she even tackled the mountain of clean laundry that was hiding our king-sized bed.   Mel deserves a medal!

Thanks to all who made the day of my birth a special one.  I am truly blessed!

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