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Wednesday November 3, 2010

We really don’t play up Halloween at our house and we certainly don’t have our yard decorated with bones and skeletons and scary things.  I’m fine with that, but this year, Wendy & Sam decided we were sadly lacking in festive decor.   So they added a few of their own special touches and I thought I would share them with you.

First, let me share my version of decorating.  It starts with a basic leaf-wrapped grapevine wreath, which stays up from September through Thanksgiving.


Next, I have a couple of pumpkin candle holders to light the path.   They would look cuter without the foil, but I was worried the votives might fall out.


I also have a “Happy Jack” votive holder.  He’s a little rusty, but he doesn’t mind.


Next up are the Happy Halloween lights.  I forgot I had these and dug them out of the basement.  They look quite cute and festive, especially on a cold dark night.


Then, of course, we decorated our pumpkins.  Wendy opted for a Cinderella pumpkin, and Sam choose a spooky spider.  Adam didn’t have an opinion and mom & dad ran out of steam, so we ended up with just two pumpkins.


I meant to get a better picture of them, with a little more light showing off the pumpkins, but the evil squirrels got to them before I did.


And now for the kid created decor.   Wendy & Sam decided our door wasn’t scary enough so they added their own, homemade touches.


Wendy created the ghosts and made them say “Woooo” and “Boo”.


She also made the bats, complete with red eyes.


Sam added his own drawings, which are a little tricky to see behind the screen.  The top one is a bat, complete with the letters “EEEE” by its mouth.  Below that, is drawing labeled Mr. Crabman.


Sam also brought home this cute spooky ghost from school.  He’s hanging on our back door, but didn’t photograph well there.


Last, but not least, Wendy hung these spiders from our chandelier.  I printed out the image, which she cut, colored, and arranged in a lowest to highest order.


I love all the kids’ creative touches and look forward to incorporating their design ideas in the celebrations to come!

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