Alien Eyes

Friday October 29, 2010

Halloween is almost upon us, and it seems every class in school is having a Halloween party today.  I signed up to bring a treat, but wanted to think of something somewhat healthy, knowing that the kids will be overloaded with sugar during the next 72 hours.

I searched the web for things that were clever, healthy and easy, but nothing really grabbed me.  Finally, I thought of something all by myself (very unusual for me).  I came up with:  Alien Eyes!


I used a melon scoop to create cantaloupe balls.  I thought they would look like eyes if I could think of something to use as the pupil.  I wanted to do blueberries, but they were too big and too expensive.

Then I stumbled across these:  Pomegranate Arils.  I had no idea what an aril was — to me, it’s just a fancy word for seed —  but the flavor is complementary to the cantaloupe and the size is perfect.


To create the effect, I slit each ball with a knife and stuck in the seed aril.


These would probably look even cooler with honeydew melon as the eyes, but it didn’t occur to me until later.  Plus, I think cantaloupe is tastier.   If you couldn’t find arils, you could probably use other items like raisins, red hots, or chocolate chips.

I also have a bunch of leftover seeds arils that I plan to bring in as another side dish.


I just have to think of a clever, spooky name for them.  Got any ideas?

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3 Responses to Alien Eyes

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    Suzi says:

    Cute idea! You are so creative! I just saw a recipe for deviled eggs – you halve a black olive for a spider body and then cut the other half of the olive into it’s legs and you place them on top of the deviled egg – may be something you would enjoy to make 🙂

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    Autumn says:

    Very cute! We bought a pomegranate last week and gobbled up the arils (thanks for teaching me a new word today!) in no time.

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