Fire Truck Palooza

Saturday October 16, 2010

Yesterday, on my way to pick-up Adam from a friend’s house, I passed a house with approximately five rescue vehicles parked in front of it.   When I observed the punched out holes in the roof and no flame, I figured out the house was slated to be torn down and the fire fighters were there to practice some of their maneuvers.


After I picked up Adam, we stopped by to get a closer look.   We saw fire fighters on the roof, practicing moving ladders to get to different parts.


We saw lots of hoses.


After a few minutes, one of the firemen came over to chat with us.

He explained that the big yellow hose goes from the hydrant (accessed from the backyard) to the truck.  The smaller hoses go from the truck to the house, or wherever the fireman would use them.

We learned that the men training were part of the Arlington fire academy, which runs once or twice a year.  There are approximately 16 (?) recruits, selected from over 500 applicants.   The training program runs for 25 weeks and these guys were on on week 17.

We saw a trainee practice carrying out a dummy.  I’m not sure if he lost points for his victim being in a state of undress. 🙂


There were two big engines, one was a “regular” engine, the other was part of the “Mobile Air Unit”.   There were also a couple of suburban type vehicles and a trailer for all their gear.


There was also also an ambulance on hand.


All in all, it was a pretty exciting visit for a two year old– although if you ask Adam, his main takeaway was the fire twucks are weally weally woud (loud).  Standing next to the engine with that diesel engine running made him little unsure about a career in rescue business.


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