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Saturday October 2, 2010

I had planned on taking the kids to Cox Farms this week, because I purchased a Groupon, that was good for this week only.  The idea was to go Wednesday afternoon with a friend, after early release, but the weather didn’t cooperate.  So then we revised our plans, and decided to surprise the kids by picking them up at lunchtime on Friday.   So I emailed the teachers letting them know.  Then I got frazzled by all I had to do Friday morning, plus the previous rainy days had me worried about a mud pit, so I emailed the teachers again to let them know I would NOT be taking the kids early.  THEN, I got through with my morning, exhaled, noticed what a gorgeous day  it was shaping up to be and decided to go ANYWAY.  So yes, my kids’ teachers think their mom is a loon, but that’s okay – we had a great afternoon at the farm!

[pie left]


The kids were SO excited to be going to Cox Farms.  Wendy even told me I was the Best. Mom. Ever!






You know they kids are happy when the agree to smile for the camera for me.   These piles of hay hide a fun labyrinth of tunnels underneath.


You can see there are 3 ways up this wall.  At the far right, there are enough “rungs” to scale the wall while like a ladder.  Adam took the easy road, Sam took the middle road, and Wendy scaled the wall with no missing boards to help her up.


Then it was on to the rope swing.  Whee!







From there, we headed over to an area called “Farm Chores.”


It was udderly fun.


Adam drove the tractor.


While Sam gathered corn.  He loved this area.  You scoop the corn from the bin and then put it on the conveyor belt where it eventually dumped the kernels back into the bin.  After a while, my budding engineer was puzzled.  “What’s the point?”, Sam wondered.


There was also a pumping station.


There are pens scattered around the grounds.  Here they had piggies.


After all that “work”, it was time to do some sliding.   Every one liked the tube slide, even Momma! (sorry, no pics of TMM).






Then we did a lot more sliding.











In addition to all that sliding, we did some other fun stuff.  Wendy & Sam went to check out the goats, while Adam kept going down the Volcano slide.  Wendy reported to me that she didn’t touch any because she was worried about the ones with horns.

We also went through the corn “maze”.  The big kids did the Vortex, while Adam & I skipped it.

Then we decided to take a break and catch a hay ride.


We enjoyed our alien encounter.


We did a little more playing, before we called it a a day.



After getting our free pumpkins, I decided I needed to be in one of the shots, so we got this:


All in all, we had a crazy fun day at the farm!IMG_1058.JPG


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2 Responses to Cox Farms

  1. 1
    Renee says:

    Two out of three kids looking at the camera for a family shot isn’t too bad! Great pictures. Too funny about the emails to the teachers but you win the prize for best mommy for taking them out of school to go to Cox Farms.

  2. 2
    Kelley says:

    I got Groupon tickets too. We went last Thursday before it rained. Thankfully, they gave us rain checks and we are going back this week. Two days for the price of one (really half of one thanks to the Groupon). It looks like you had a great day at Cox Farm. I cannot wait to check out some of the fun things that you enjoyed on your trip to the farm.

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