Getting our Ride On at Kings Dominion

Friday September 3, 2010


On Monday, we got to tagalong with Grandad for his work’s annual company outing to Kings Dominion.  Aunt Melissa and Cousin O were also in attendance for what was a hot hot day of fun in the sun.

The double stroller was well worth the expense to cart around our crew plus our water gear.


Our first stop was the Log Flume, where I was outparented by a teenage park attendant.  Adam watched a few logs plummet down the final drop and wanted no part of it.  I scooped him up and was determined to bring him along for the fun, whether he liked it or not.   When we got to the front of the line (me, with my wailing toddler in tow), the attendant told me I couldn’t  take him because he obviously didn’t want to go.  Sigh… I guess he was right.  So Adam and I hung out in the observation area and attempted to photograph everyone else coming down the chute.



Next stop was the Screaming Eagles.  Always a crowd pleaser for everyone except Mike who doesn’t do circles.  Grandad was a trooper and rode with Sam. I was going to ride with Adam – except  he decided at the last minute that he had already done his share of screaming.



Next up, Wendy I decided to tackle the Grizzly, while the rest of our crew rode the old fashioned cars.  I was excited that she was 48″ and adventuresome – she is now tall enough to ride most of the roller coasters, except the big ones that go upside down.  I was excited to introduce my girl to the fun of roller coasters, but alas, she didn’t want to ride with me.  She made a friend in line for the  Eagles and wanted to ride with her on the Grizzly.


The Grizzly isn’t the  best introduction to roller coasters – it’s wooden and throws you around quite a bit.  Wendy declared it a little too rough for her liking.

From there, we hit “The Grove” where she & I rode the Hurler and the  younger ones got a ride on the Ferris Wheel.  The Hurler was also a little rough for her (and me).  We regrouped and the kiddos got on the Ferris Wheel.  Adam consented to ride this one, but preferred the sleigh to the moving horses.  Doesn’t he look like he’s having a blast?


It goes without saying that this girl has a ball no matter what she’s riding.


From here, the younger kids headed to the Kidzville where there was plenty for them to ride, and Mike & I took Wendy to the Rebel Yell — my all time favorite coaster.


I wish I had taken a picture of her face after we got off – it was pure joy.  “That was awesome!” she exclaimed.


Equally awesome was the fact that the park was so empty, we could stay in our seats and ride it a second time.   From there, we headed over to meet up with the rest of our group, but Wendy and I decided to take a ride on the Drop Tower.  She didn’t think it looked that bad, but little did she know…


After our 272′ drop at 72 mph, we were both breathless.  “That was too scary to do again”, declared Wendy.  So we took a spin on the Swings, another classic favorite of mine, before rejoining the gang.

IMG_0629.JPG IMG_0630.JPG

When we caught up with them, we found the boys were on their own thrill ride – a pint sized version called the Taxi Jam.


We did a few more kiddie rides before breaking for lunch and then hitting the water park.


We never made it to the wave pool, but got a lot of mileage out of the kiddie pool.  It was perfect for cooling off and plenty  of shade umbrellas were to be found.



The Surf City Splash House also had plenty of ways to entertain and amuse.


We capped off our water fun with a trip around the Lazy River.  It’s not so lazy when you’re trying to keep track of a 6, 5, and 3 year old (the reluctant 2yr old  hung back with Grandad), but it was a nice way to cool off.   Finally, we changed and started to make our way out.  On the way out, we hit a few last rides.  The Avalanche was a good one for Wendy and Sam to ride with Daddy while Adam and I watched.

Since we were in the neighborhood, I decided to see if the lines were long for the newest thrill ride, the Intimidator. I was able to walk up and catch the next ride and it was definitely a thrill!  I tried to wave to my waiting crew when we rounded the track, but they were all busy playing on the sample seat at the ride entrance.


We squeezed in a few more kiddie rides, but finally, Mike had enough and made us all leave.  I knew better than to point out the fact that there was still 1.5 hours til closing – getting him to last 8 hours was miraculous enough.

We left tired, hungry, and mostly happy.  Those who weren’t happy conked out quick enough for a peaceful ride home.

It was a great day at the amusement park!



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    Renee says:

    I would have tried the same thing on the log flume! Looks like a great day! Now I really want to go there next year!

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