How To Tie Your Shoes

Wednesday August 18, 2010

Who says learning only occurs during the school year?  We decided to tackle the life skill of tying one’s shoes this summer.  After a few lessons, Wendy picked it up pretty quick.

How To Tie Your Shoes

A photo tutorial by Wendy (age 6)

1. Put on Shoe.

2.  Tie laces left over right*.  Take left lace, cross it over the right lace and then pull it under.

*I was teaching W. to do it right over left, but was informed by hubby that’s the wrong way and creates a looser Granny knot.  Apparently I’ve been doing it the wrong way for 30+ years…. Please try and overlook the fact that these pictures show the wrong lace on top.


3. Pull laces tight.


4. Make a loop (bunny ear) with the lace on the right.  Pinch the loop close to your knot with the thumb and two fingers.


5. Run the left lace around the bunny ear and pinch it with the two fingers holding the loop.



6. Use the two fingers in the right hand to pull the new loop, towards the right.  Use your left hand to grab the first loop and pull it to the left.


6.  Pull the loops to tighten the knot.


7.  If your knot is loose or sloppy, you can tighten it by pulling the tails and then pulling the loops again to tighten it down.



8. Voila!  You tied your shoe!




If you’re looking for additional ways to tie your shoes, check out this neat knot site:

Ian’s Shoelace Site — How to Tie Your Shoes

Learning to tie our shoes, works for us – find more tips at Works For Me Wednesday, hosted by We Are That Family.


5 Responses to How To Tie Your Shoes

  1. 1
    Suzi says:

    Way to go Wendy! She looks so proud!

  2. 2
    Liberty says:

    HOW amazing! I have a 7 year old who can’t tie his shoes..I blame crocs!!

    *Blessings* on you both!

  3. 3
    Audra Marie says:

    I have two munchkins I need to teach how to tie their shoes soon. 🙂

  4. 4
    Sweet Pea Chef says:

    I need this to show my 6 year old!!

  5. 5

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