Super Sam Turns 5

Wednesday June 23, 2010


Our oldest son/middle child turned a year older yesterday — how in the world did he get to be 5?!?  Sam is my strong-willed kid and can turn a good situation sour faster than I can bat an eye.  Though he can be obstinate and challenging, he is also such a tender and sweet little boy.  I love watching how is mind is developing.  He is inquisitive and sharp and has a wonderful desire to understand how things work.  He will ask me which pedal does what in the car and will predict logical outcomes with his newfound knowledge.   “Why” questions can wear on me, but I love his “how does this work?” questions.   We think the boy definitely has a future as engineer or some other left-brained job.

Anyway, we had a perfectly lovely birthday day with a pleasant disposition all day long.  It started in the morning with the opening of one present I couldn’t wait to give him (we normally do presents in the evening, after dinner).

It was a CD I made of all his favorite songs that play on the kids channel on XM Radio.  I knew he would love it and I had such fun watching his eyes light up when a new song came on.  I also made this fun little CD cover for him:


I think he liked that too.   For lunch, we met Daddy at Jason’s Deli, which was a special treat.  The soft serve ice cream is always a hit.


For dinner, I always let the birthday child pick the menu.  Sam requested hot dogs :).  Since Grandad was coming, I tried to fancy it up just a little, so the full menu included:  roasted chicken, corn-on-the-cob, salad, baked beans, and peas.  A special bonus:  all items were optional and dessert was guaranteed!



And of course birthday cake!  We usually do a big party in the backyard, but this year I wasn’t feeling up to it.  So we made a deal — instead of a party with lots of friends, we would take a trip to Dutch Wonderland.  However, even without a party, I still wanted to make him a special cake.  Sam requested a rocket ship cake and this is what I came up with:


Sam helped me pick the design and specified what colors to use, but I made him wait til the birthday song to view the final product.  He was pretty pleased.


After dinner came the presents!  He got two cool Lego fire truck sets from Grandad and U.Bear, A.Melis and Cousin O.


He was pretty psyched with all the lego stuff!  He also got a new Shaun the Sheep video that we all look forward to watching.


Grandma & Grandpa sent 3 Jelly Telly DVDs called “What’s in the Bible?”  This series is the brainchild of Phil Visher (of Veggie Tales fame) and is a really cute and fun way to  educate kids about the Bible.  Finally came the rest of our presents.   He got a new backpack for school, new Crocs (with Optimus Prime shoe charms!), and a whole bunch of Wiffle balls from Daddy.

[pie left]






All in all, it was a lovely, low-key kind of day and a wonderful way to celebrate a wonderful boy.  Although his independent nature challenges us at times, we trust the Lord is going to use that independence in mighty ways and are thankful to have a role in shaping his character as he grows.  We love you, Sam I Am!

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2 Responses to Super Sam Turns 5

  1. 1
    Renee says:

    Happy Birthday S! That cake looks wonderful. Way to Go Mom!

    I find that I am often telling my W, “You have to ask Daddy b/c I don’t know.” or I have to look up the answer on the internet. I love that he is so curious and wants to learn but sometimes it is beyond me.

  2. 2
    xfitdad says:

    That cake did rock…as cakes go; I mean, I loved the design. Right, moving on. I too love Sam’s inquisitive mind, and am regularly surprised by the questions he asks. Great post, dear.

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