Moving On Up

Monday June 21, 2010

This week marks Wendy’s last week as a kindergartner.  To prepare the students for first grade, they got to visit a real live first grade classroom.  Wendy was beyond excited to see her neighborhood friend H. in the class.  The kindergartners got paired up with a 1st grade buddy, who showed them around the classroom and playground.  The first graders also wrote a note to the kindy kids, which I found in Wendy’s backpack:

It says:

Dear Future First Grade Student,

Thanks for visiting us.  You are very lucky to be going to first grade!  I enjoyed first grade this year because  we have a bigger playground and reading buddies. The thing I liked most about first grade was a lot of activities.  Another one of my favorite things was recess and reading.  I learned a lot too.  My favorite subject was [science].  I liked it the best because I learned making [?] experiments and learning about plants.  I also liked the projects we worked on.  My favorite project of the year was growing corn.   You really have a lot to look forward to!  I think you’ll have a great year next year.  Remember to do your part!  Always remember to work hard and try your best .  Good luck!



Isn’t that cute and clever?  I know Wendy is excited and we both look forward to what the next year will bring — after we enjoy a nice summer break.

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    Mel says:

    Yeah, W! First grade, look out!

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