A Yard Sale Success Story

Tuesday June 1, 2010

This weekend was super busy, I will attempt to record it all before I forget everything.

So, we decided to have another yard sale.  We had one last year over Memorial Weekend and we got rid of so much stuff then, I wondered if we’d have enough junk to host another sale, but surprise surprise, we did!   I stressed over the weather as the chance of thundershowers was pretty good.  We did have rain the night before, but praise the Lord, Saturday was rain-free.   And thankfully my signs held up.

[pie left]

Here’s a picture of the loot around 7:30.  Heavy on the kids stuff, but a few knick knacks and what nots as well.


I tried to think of a clever way to hang up clothes.  Fortunately one neighbor had a small rack she let me borrow and another had one of those cool bendy ladders which turned out perfect for hanging kid clothes.  So this set up worked pretty well, with the bins labeled by size for the other items.


The kids were excited to set up shop again.   I made banana muffins and congo bars for them to sell, along with lemonade and water.   They sold out of everything by 10:30 and made $18!  They might have made more if they hadn’t eaten some of their inventory.



We had a great turnout — pretty much a steady stream from 7:30 – 9:30 and good bursts of activity right up until 11:30 when I began to run out of steam.   I let hubs hold down the fort while I ran around the neighborhood yanking signs and we were done by 12:30.    We counted up our total and I was thrilled to discover we cleared $300 (not counting the kids’ profit, which they banked).   Not a bad haul at all!

I was even less sentimental about my leftovers this year and took nearly everything to a local thrift store.  It felt so good to have it all of the house.

Once we finished up our yard sale, I was ready to turn my attention to the evening — it was our anniversary and we had a hot date planned!  More on that later…

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