Down Home Fun at Homestead Farm

Saturday May 22, 2010


3/5ths of our clan went strawberry picking this morning.   Sam isn’t feeling well, so he and Daddy took a rain check.

In the past, we’ve gone to Great Country Farms, since we participated in their CSA and it was included.  This time, I decided to check out something closer and cheaper.  I heard good reviews of Homestead Farm on my mom’s club listserv, so Wendy, Adam & I ventured out to check it out.

It only took us about 40 minutes to get there and it was a beautiful drive out River Road.  We saw tons of bikers taking advantage of the lovely morning.  We arrived just after opening and caught a ride to the strawberry patch.


Adam did a great job following directions.  He kept his feet off the plants and happily picked the berries I directed him too.  He also let me pick berries for him, as long as he got to put them in the pail.


Wendy also did a great job and had a good time.


After riding back to the main entrance, we decided to see what else there was to see.


Adam was initially fearful of the tractor, afraid of loud noises, I guess.  But he got over it and wanted a second ride later.



Wendy & Adam had fun posing in the cut-outs.


The only other attraction was the animals – a few goats, some chickens and a baby cow.  But that was enough for these two, they had fun petting and feeding them.


Overall, it was a great experience.  My one complaint was that the gnats were terrible.  They weren’t as bad at the fields, but walking around the main entrance/store area was the pits.

We came home with 4+ lbs of strawberries.  I recently discovered my cooling rack fits perfectly over my sink and makes for an excellent berry wash and dry set-up.


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    Renee says:

    Too funny! We were there this morning also.

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