Playing Catch Up

Sunday May 16, 2010

It seems that May has been a busy month.  A few activities have gone unchronicled, so I want to mention them before they are completely obsolete.

May Fair

The first is the elementary school’s May Fair, which was held the first Saturday in May.   It’s a big money maker for the school’s PTA and is promoted heavily.   So, everyday of that week, W kept telling me, “I can’t WAIT for the May Fair!”  She was so excited, even though she really didn’t have much of a clue about it.

The fair was full of carnival-esque games and activities and food.  EVERYTHING cost $, so we made the kids spend their own money on tickets.  They each spent $3 which bought them 6 tickets which didn’t go very far.   But it was good practice in decision making.   Wendy blew thru her wad pretty quick and sweet-talked her dad into shelling out more tickets for her.  Sam couldn’t decide what to spend his tickets on and actually had some leftover at the end of the day.  It was a hot hot day.  Here’s the photos:

[pie left]











Little Bunny Foo Foo

Despite living in a dense suburban neighborhood a few minutes from our nation’s capital, there is nature to be found.   In fact, our local rabbit population is thriving.  We often see them in our yard or our neighbor’s yards, but didn’t know how thriving the population was until we discovered baby rabbits in our backyard.   We “discovered” them when Wendy accidentally stepped on one — they were hiding under some pulled up weeds she walked on.   I ran inside to get my camera and forgot to tell the kids “no touch” until I got back.  They had already petted them.   I took a few pictures and then removed the kids and the dog from the yard for a while, in hopes that momma rabbit would return to her brood.   Later I went back to check on them and the bunnies were no longer there.   I hoped they had moved on to greener pastures, but alas, I later still I found one lil bunny dead in another part of our yard.  I’m holding out hope the others are doing okay, but as Mike reminded me, “If they didn’t, don’t worry, there’ll be more.”

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Mother’s Day

Last Sunday was a beautiful day to celebrate.  We spent the afternoon at my dad’s house, where Mike, Dad, and brother Bear put together a delicious meal of grilled chicken and yummy sides.  The kids had a blast riding bikes up and down Grandad’s quiet cul-de-sac and I enjoyed doing nothing.  It was a nice way to pass the day.

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The Dentist

The big kids had their biannual dentist visit last week and once again did great.   The practice we go to does a pretty good job – so far we’ve had great hygienists, which makes all the difference in the world.  Sam has teeth just like his Daddy and got a clean bill of health.   Wendy’s mouth seems more similar to mine and she had two cavities 🙁   She was a trooper tho and didn’t complain.   Wendy still hasn’t lost any of her baby teeth, which she is bummed about, but was excited to learn that she has a 6 year molar coming in.   Hopefully when those adult teeth do come in, we can take better care of them!  She listens carefully to the dentist tho and has been gungho to floss since her appointment.  If I can remember to remind her, she’ll probably do alright.

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This is Wendy, post appointment.  She wanted to show off her new toothbrush and prize (a ring), but I wanted to show off her outfit.   She has a unique fashion sense and I generally don’t interfere.  She loves dresses and skirts and lots of pink!   She has a sweet personality and her love of life shines through in all she does … and wears.


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One Response to Playing Catch Up

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    GRANDPA says:

    The kids (Wendy and Sam) spending is just like it was with Karen and Mike. Karen would go thru hers in no time and Mike always had money stashed away. Karen probably still owes him for all he loaned her so she could get thru till the next pay day from ol dad.
    Granddad called last nite–good to talk to him. He had just been over to have Ca-bobs with you all. He seems to be doing ok.
    Love U

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