The Big Boy Bed

Thursday April 29, 2010

We bought a “big boy” bed for A a few weeks back and talked up how exciting it was to have a new bed.  He was pretty jazzed about it, until it was time to sleep, then he wanted to go back to his “kib” (crib).   Since his tiny bedroom is quite crowded with a bed AND crib in it, I was anxious to get the crib out of there.  I even tried selling it on Craigslist, only to get a ton of interest and realize I was rushing things and have to contact potential sellers and say “Sorry, oops – my baby’s not yet ready.”

Anywho, progress is being made and I think the crib will be gone soon.   It’s very exciting to see him sleeping in his big boy bed, and knock on wood, we haven’t had any accidents yet.  (I was going to buy a bed rail secondhand, but never found one).  So far, we’ve had success with the following formula:  snuggling in bed, reading a few books, and making sure his thumb and Lammie are close at hand .  He’s slowly warming up to the idea of covers.

[pie left]


Another sweet moment.  I sent W up to gently wake A from a late afternoon nap.   I cautioned her to just rub him gently but leave him alone if he was cranky.   After a while, I realized she hadn’t come down and came up to discover this:


She was reading books to him and he as eating it up.   Such a sweet big sister and a tender memory!  Even though they are  4 years apart, I think they will always be close, in large part because of how lovingly W treats her “baby” brother.


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    XfitDad says:

    That girl is too much! What a fun picture.

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