Saving on Oil Changes

Monday April 12, 2010

My car has been reminding me that it needed an oil change all weekend, so I made plans to take care of it today. The last time I got an oil change, I took the car to Jiffy Lube. I wanted the convenience of a quick turnaround and didn’t mind paying what I thought would be a “little” more. Well, after they convinced that this filter and that thingee needed changing or else might engine might explode (I exaggerate… a tad), I drove off $80 poorer. I was determined to not let that happen this time.

First thing I did was look at my random coupon folder. When I get the mailers from places like Val Pak or Money Mailer, I quickly flip through them and pull out any thing that I think I *might* use and throw it in a manilla folder.   Most of the time, it’s for services I’m unlikely to need, but I know that life happens, so I usually snag the automotive ones.   Anywho, I scanned my folder to see what I had in the way of oil changes.   Several of the places were not convenient, but one happened to be walking distance from my kids’ preschool.   However, their coupon was for a $24.95 oil change and I had another coupon that was for a $16.95 oil change.   I decided to go to the more convenient one and see what kind of deal I could strike.  Plus, the cheaper place was a garage that I have had bad experiences with in the past, so I had already sworn them off.

Anywho, we swung into Midas this morning with my two coupons in hand – one was the competitor’s coupon for $16.95, and the other was the Midas coupon for $24.95.   I asked if they honored competitors coupons and was told, “Sure.”  But, when I pulled out my $16.95 coupon, the guy behind the counter said he’d have to check with his boss.   Now, I knew 16.95 was a way low price – most of the other ads were coupons for $19.95.  The boss said no.   Before pulling out my $24.95 coupon, I asked, “What’s the lowest you can do?”    He said, “19.95”.  I said, “SOLD!”

19.95 had been my target price all along – getting for even less would have been a treat, but I was happy to have beaten their advertised coupon price just buy doing a tiny bit of research and not being afraid to ask.

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    Mel says:

    Fabu! I’m so proud of you!

    And I like the new site design. Want to redo RU?

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