How much do you value your cuppa joe?

Wednesday March 24, 2010

One of the ways we’ve trimmed our budget is to cut back on our Starbucks habit and make coffee at home each morning.   I do love my “skim” vanilla mocha (with whip) every now and then, but now reserve it for special treats.

I find if I make a pot of coffee in the morning, I am less tempted to splurge on Starbucks when I’m out and about.  So, just how much is that home brewed coffee saving me?

I used to buy the house brand at Safeway, which ran around $8.99/lb.  But then I found something I liked at Trader Joe’s for even less.   It’s simply called “Joe” and it’s medium roast.  It costs $3.88 for 14oz, which works out to $4.43/lb  (or $0.28/oz)  Already, that is a huge savings.  But what is my cost per cup?

I usually drink one “cup” in the morning, which for me is actually two 6oz cups, serving-size wise.   The two scoops I put in my pot equal ~ .4 oz, so the coffee alone costs me…  $0.11 a cup.  The water is “free” (not going to attempt to calculate the cost), but, we do need to add in the cost of  my “add-ons.”

I buy a gallon of milk from Wegmans or Costco for $2.44/gallon or $.02/floz (128oz per gallon).

I usually put in ~ 2oz of milk, so that works out to: $.04 per cup.

For flavoring, I buy Torani syrup from World Market when it’s on sale for $6.15 / 25.4fl oz.  That works out to $.24/floz.  I usually put in ~1 oz so that makes my flavoring worth $.24 per cup.

So, to review, the grand total for my one cup (technically 12oz) of coffee is:

$.11 — coffee
$.04 — milk
$.24 — flavoring*

Grand total = $0.39 per 12oz cup!

Compare that to Starbucks, where a tall (12oz) coffee in my area goes for ~$1.70.  That’s a 436% more than my home brew.  Ouch.

Extrapolate the math out.  Assume 5 cups of coffee a week:

Home: $ .39 * 5 = $1.95/week * 4 = $ 7.80/mo * 14 = $109.20/year
SBUX: $1.70 * 5 = $8.50/week * 4 = $34.00/mo * 14 = $476.00/year

That’s a savings of $366 a year.    What would you do if someone handed you an extra $366?  Spend it at Starbucks?

*I should mention, my “add-on” costs would be much cheaper if I bought the flavored creamer at the grocery store.  You can get it for .10/floz or better which could save me at least $.14c a cup, nearly cutting my cost in half.  However, I decided that those creamers are full of all kinds of icky ingredients that I didn’t need in my diet and it was worth it to pay more for “real” ingredients.

Doing the math to see how much I’m saving definitely works for me.  Find more Works For Me Wednesday tips at We Are That Family.

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2 Responses to How much do you value your cuppa joe?

  1. 1
    Jen says:

    Hey just an FYI, if you’re ever at Walmart- they have the Torani syrup for less. I’ve stocked up there.

  2. 2
    Christine says:

    Thanks for the syrup and milk idea. I purchase the flavored creamer because I love it ion my coffee but I often have that guilty feeling becasue I know there are way too many ingredients in there that are not good for me. I will try to change to syrup and see how it works. If you have a Trader Joes around you they have a nice creamer with less additives.

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