Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sunday February 14, 2010

I hope you had a nice day – we did.  Ours was a low-key kind of day.  We don’t make a big “to do” about Valentine’s – my big thing was having a V-Eve party the night before.  We are trying hard to crunch our budget and reduce spending, so neither of us spent much on Valentine’s stuff, and that was a good thing.

The morning started, with me coming downstairs and discovering a puddle on the floor.  The ceiling was leaking :(.  We’ve been having water issues with the big snow storms — our house has an addition and in one place where the old meets the new, we seem to be getting in water.   Mike has climbed on the roof (in the snow storm!) to try and fix it, but apparently it just moved the water to a different place.  Blech.

I took the kids to church while he climbed back on the roof in search of a better solution.  We came home from church to discover the plows had been through again and *really * plowed our street well.  I was so excited to see all the bare pavement!!!  It actually wasn’t a plow truck but a bulldozer, who scooped huge amounts of snow and deposited them in our yard.

[pie left]



We live close to the high school, so I guess they are working hard to get the roads cleared for kids to go back on Tuesday.

The rest of the afternoon, Wendy and Adam worked on Valentine’s cards (Sam was immersed in a different craft project).  I found some neat printables on the web.  Adam colored these cute little puppy cards:


He loves to use the “bingo stampers” – he calls them his “Circles”.

Wendy worked on cutting out these fun heart cards:



We are going to staple them shut and fill them with M&Ms.  Isn’t that so cute and clever?

Speaking of cute, the kids made these adorable cards for me.   This one from Sam reads:  “Dear Kendra  Have a nice(?) day.  Too {he means from} Sam”.  He told me he used “Kendra” because it was my real name.  And he was very proud that he made his name rainbow colored 🙂


He even addressed the envelope:


This card from Wendy reads (from top to bottom):  “Dear Mom, Love Wendy.”


She decorated the inside with butterflies and love bugs.



I felt much love from the kids, and also from Mike who gave me a nice card and chocolate hearts from Trader Joes.

It was a lovely relaxing day, filled with warmth and love.

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    Renee says:

    I hope you get leak fixed soon!

    Chris scanned in the card our Wendy made for us last night at Cubbies. I will be posting it later. So super cute and funny the way it is written.

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