WFMW: Clever Sites to help with Gift Giving (and Getting)

Tuesday December 1, 2009

This week’s Works For Me Wednesday is “gift themed”.   Since Christmas is coming faster than I can believe, I thought I’d share a couple of good websites that are helping me wrangle my gift-giving (and receiving) this holiday season.

Amazon’s Universal Wishlist – it has been so easy to simplify the wishlists for family members with this.   The majority of our shopping is done at Amazon anyway, but I recently learned you can add items from other sites to your Amazon wishlist.  How handy!  It involves a simple step of adding a “button” to your browser bar.   Follow the link for the easy-peasy directions. – ever find yourself $1.76 short of free shipping at Amazon?  This clever site allows you to enter an amount and it will pull up a list of items around that price that can be used for free shipping.   So add that .75c pack of index cards and save $7 on shipping!

Gift Elephant – this is the best site I’ve found for cataloguing gift giving and receiving.   It allows you to enter contacts and events (birthdays, Christmas, etc) and track what has been given or received.  It also keeps track of whether thank yous have been sent – you can even send a thank you through them.   It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles I’d like to see, but it’s pretty darn handy.

To find more clever WFMW ideas, head on over to We Are That Family.

ps – speaking of gifts, my friend Tracey makes wonderful jewelry.  Check out her Etsy store!  And check back soon, because I hope to have my first ever giveway in the near future, featuring one of Tracey’s pieces.

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2 Responses to WFMW: Clever Sites to help with Gift Giving (and Getting)

  1. 1
    Meghan says:

    I recently posted about how much I love Amazon’s universal wishlist too. I didn’t know about Great resource. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 2
    Veggiemomof2 says:

    I’m checking out the gift elephant now!

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