The PYO Pottery Party in Review

Monday November 30, 2009

Wendy turned six a little before Thanksgiving, and to celebrate, we had a birthday party for her and some kindergarten friends at a local Paint-Your-Own Pottery place.  In years past, I have done elaborate themed parties, both at home and in rented spaces, and I was ready to take it down a notch.   The problem with most party venues in my area is they are ridiculously expensive  – easily $300 (or more!).  The pottery place was an attractive option because if we limited our guest list and pottery selections, I figured I could get out of there for less than $200.

I was determined to keep things low-key.  I did purchase this adorable birthday-themed digital scrapbooking kit for the invites (and I will use it to scrap the party too).

I didn’t spend any money on party supplies, just used my existing stash of plates and plastic ware.  I did splurge on an ice cream cake from Cold Stone, and supplies to make cupcake pops as favors.


The pottery place was great because I didn’t have to do anything (including clean my house!).  They had a party coordinator who ran the show.  The kids had fun selecting their piece and paints and then working on their masterpiece.  They took their craft quite seriously!


A friend warned me that kids can finish up the pottery faster than the allotted time so it is smart to have a back-up activity planned.   She suggested play doh, but I didn’t have any and hate having play doh in my house.  Amazingly, another friend was unloading a TON of play doh at a mom’s meeting that I was able to snag.   It made for the perfect diversion for the kids as they finished up and kept them busy til cake time.  Even better – I got to send it home with them!



I put crazy sparkler candles on my cake, which kind of freaked Wendy out.  After a few tries (and a little help from her friends) she got them out.  Then, with the help of some of the moms who hung around, we got the cake and drinks passed around and everyone chowed.


We finished out the party with Wendy opening her presents.  It doesn’t seem like that is done very often any more, but I think the kids like seeing the recipient open what they brought.  They were certainly interested in checking out the loot!


It was a fun time and I can’t get over how stress-free and relaxing it was.   I may never throw a party in my house again!  As my kids age, I am definitely learning that less is more, especially in the party-planning arena.

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