My budding Dorothy Hammill & Alex Ovechkin

Sunday November 15, 2009

We signed Wendy & Sam up for ice skating lessons a couple of weeks ago.   It’s once a week on Saturdays for a mere 30 minutes.  Prior to lessons, Wendy had been to one free skate with me (which consisted of me keeping her upright the entire time) and Sam had never laced up.  I wasn’t sure how much progress could be made in such a short window, but it has been amazing and fun to watch their progress.

Wendy’s biggest obstacle is that she has been too cold.  We’ve finally got the right pair of gloves and doubled up the socks to get a handle on the chill.  Sam usually won’t even let me put him in a jacket, but seems to do fine with just a long sleeve shirt and gloves.

It’s also interesting to watch their different personalities at work.  Wendy is far more reserved and cautious, clearly concerned about the possibility of falling.   Sam falls approximately 40 times a lesson and doesn’t care.  He gets up laughing every time.

The rink we take lessons at is also the practice rink for the Washington Capitals, so we’ve been able to take in a few minutes of practice a few times.   Wendy asked me the other day if she was going to be a hockey player when she grew up – that was the only version of adult skating she was aware of.  I told her she could be a hockey player or she could be a figure skater.   She asked what that was and I explained it was kind of like ballet and gymnastic on ice.  She quickly decided that was what she wanted to be a figure skater.   As for Sam, he could definitely have a hockey career ahead of him.  Check out these pics from week 1:

[pie left]








3 Responses to My budding Dorothy Hammill & Alex Ovechkin

  1. 1
    MER says:

    That’s some fun stuff! I love to see Sam regain his balance. Maybe there’s some video from this week? Prolly not as Adam was running around outside the ice rink.

  2. 2
    Suzi says:

    So cute! I don’t blame Wendy for being cautious, it can’t be fun to fall on that ice! Sam sounds like a typical boy 🙂

  3. 3
    GRANDPA says:

    Woo Woo and Dude–
    Wow, you both are looking awesome on the ice. In no time the Capitals will be asking Dude to join the team and we will be seeing Wendy on the Ice Capades. Way to go guys. Keep up the good work.


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