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Sunday October 25, 2009

In the beginning of October, Cousin Owen spent a couple of days with us.  Our daily routine is pretty busy, so he just came along for the ride with whatever activities we had planned.  One day, that meant going to Mainly Music with Adam.  This is a great music and movement program run by McLean Bible church.   Before the class starts, they blow bubbles while waiting for kids to arrive.


Both boys loved the bubbles.


Then class started and we had a time of singing, followed by snack and playtime.   Both Adam & Owen were all about the snack.


Then they had fun playing with the toys.



It was great having Owen with us for a couple of days  – all the kids had fun playing with their cousin.  A few weeks went by before we got to see Owen again.   Finally, last Sunday, after church, we met up with Owen and Bear & Mel for lunch at Panera.  We attempted to have a “kids table”, with limited success.  They were pretty amped up and needed some supervision.   However, I love this picture of them enjoying themselves together around the table:


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2 Responses to Cousin Fun

  1. 1
    Mel says:

    Love the pics – and so glad you “didn’t mind” having a 4th wheel for a few days! It was a blessing to us and Owen loved having that cousin time. Thanks again!

  2. 2
    MER says:

    Hmm…look who got stuck at the kids table.

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